On This Day 2003, Beckham leaves for Real Madrid: Top 3 Man Utd moments

On this day in 2003, Manchester Utd received a club record £25 million for David Beckham as the England winger signs for Spanish giants Real Madrid. This transfer ended a 12-year association with United, who Beckham joined as a trainee. He made his... Read More | Share it now!

Wayne Rooney channels his inner Allan Quatermain

When a long relationship ends, people have been known to sit in the dark afterwards, wondering what the other person is doing at that very moment. Thanks to internet and social media, you don’t have to wonder when your ex is Wayne Rooney. I know, I know. If...

The Ballad of Wayne Rooney

And so, its almost over. Wayne Rooney’s 13-year relationship with Manchester United looks set to end with a return to Everton. A relationship that was passionate, explosive, but never boring and certainly successful. Club record goalscorer,... Read More | Share it now!