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Stretty News provides an independent voice on Manchester United. We’re proud to be Reds (just like you!) and we’re committed to bringing you the best coverage of Manchester United news, analysis and nostalgia. We also operate the most popular United Facebook Page with over 5m followers Man United Zone.

Our aim to be the best fan operated Manchester United news website and social media accounts out there. Founded by United fan Dale O’Donnell, the site now boasts an ever-growing team of Manchester United supporting journalists and social media influencers, who prefer to write passionately for Stretty News than impartially for the mainstream media (and many have hung up their traditional press boots to do just that).

Our team attend games, press conferences and regularly speak with Reds’ players and managers (past and present), who want to make sure real United fans hear their stories without filter.

The website has been recently upgraded to contain fixtures, results, league tables and statistics from the first team to complement the coverage of each match with previews, reports, in-depth analysis and player ratings.

Stretty News brings you breaking news, transfer speculation, updates on injuries and everything else Manchester United fans need to know.

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To provide Manchester United fans with the best football news through unashamedly red-tinted glasses and to connect United fans from every corner of the globe to immerse themselves in deep discussion on every detail.

Stretty News is 100% independent and in no way affiliated with Manchester United. The official Manchester United website can be found at ManUtd.com.

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