Agreement ‘reached on everything’ between United and league-winners for £90k-a-week player’s exit

Manchester United are closing in on their first sale of the summer after negotiating Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s transfer to Galatasaray. 

That’s according to Turkish outlet Fanatik, which claims there has been an ‘agreement reached on everything’ between all parties, with only the transfer fee left to hash out.

Keen to recuperate funds for this summer’s transfer budget, United set their asking price at €15 million (£12.6m) for the right-back. However, the Super Lig champions are unwilling to match such a price and are hoping to fork out a fee closer to the region of €7-10m (£5.9-£8.4m) in line with Wan-Bissaka’s requests to lower his price tag.

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Is Wan-Bissaka’s departure worth it?

Should that be the case if any prospective deal gets over the line, plenty of fans will argue that United are being taken for fools. Wan-Bissaka is just 26 years old, a starter, and not to mention one of the best one-on-one tacklers across Europe. You may as well keep him for depth if all you’re getting in return is a measly £6m.

Of course, the Englishman, who earns a reported £90,000 per week, may be forcing the board’s hand into sanctioning his exit. In this case, he wants to be telling Galatasaray to put their money where their mouth is.

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    1. The problem is the coach doesn’t like him, somebody that he is far better than Dalot…we shall see

      1. Who told you does he has skill?, He can’t score, how many goal and assist does he has last season?

        1. Another worst decision being made at Man utd. You sell Bissaka but consider giving Evans contract extension. Foolishness.Let’s wait and see

        2. Adisa you are very wrong, there are midfielders who haven’t scored for like a whole season, if the coaching staffs knows their job well enough, they would have improved him in areas he is lacking

          1. I agree here more than 100% his skills is to defend not to get into the box to score. Besides this comes back to my comments sometimes back arguing United have problem with coaches for scoring and clinical finishing. Imagine if they have failed to mentor or drill Rashford, Antony, and others into deadly attackers meaning they’re the problem not the players.
            Selling AWB is one more weakness in the head coach to not compare players strength and weakness in the field. He is the best defensive 1 Vs 1, though aerial duel is below par
            I would not advise for his departure

        3. Don’t be a fool…. What is the primary role of a defender? How many goals n assists does even man city’s RB have?

  1. This sake makes no sense, but continues a pattern of poorly thought through transfers at the club in recent times.

  2. There’s no way man city or Liverpool will sell any fullback so cheap, just when you thought Radcliffe have brains, he proofs us wrong again, no club on this earthly planet will sell even a fullback in a wheelchair to united for that cheap, so now even Turkish clubs take united for fools and rightly so

    1. Are defenders to attack or to defend, ya all spoiling the beautiful game of soccer. If u want a defender to attack den what should a winger do to defend or wat

    2. Since when did attack become a role for a defender? What are all the 3 forwards and 3 midfielders doing up front ? A total of 6 players can’t do that? Which makes y’all to need a defender to join the attack? Clown! Y’all just trash talkers with modern football

  3. This is not right for United! Who will they buy for 6m? WWB is not a player to be sold this is unheard of! Where are we going? Its not a right direction at all. I don’t support it

  4. This is wrong,y did it last summer. Sell good player very cheap and buy bad very expensive

  5. I really don’t understand the thinking of United’s bosses…have they thought about long term injuries…Luke Shaw is one of them..Dalot can also get injured and what happens then? I rest my case…

  6. I will play Bisaaka in my 1st eleven every after the other day if I were the Manager at my beloved team@manu save if he was sick or ♥️ carded

  7. This Wan Bisaka of a guy gave it all for Man U. It is not a bad idea if he is retained for squad depth. He is very resourceful. He has the energy and fighting spirit. He may not be so excellent but his work rate is excellent.

    Cup games need people like him to rest the regulars.

  8. If Man Utd sell AWB for that nonsense and cheap price, it’s show’s that the board have lost there way in football business,sell him that amount and go out there to purchase another expensive player like Anthony that can’t contribute much…

  9. Pathetic price tag on such a good one in one defender, let ineos and Ratcliff get some brain in this business..

  10. Knowing man utd very well this is an expensive joke i no dat bcause u can cme nd b telling me nonsense nd dat u will expect me to believe man! No no no way.

  11. That’s such a mistake. Come on what is his backup then? Dalot and who?
    Ineos are here to just cut the cost.

  12. I would keep WWB. He’s no worse than any of the back 4 we have and works hard. One of the best 1-to-1 defenders in the league and selling him for £6 makes no sense. That will open the door to bring down other sales. He’s got many years left in those legs

  13. These new owners are totaly destroying our club , how on earth can you sell our favorite fullback that’s insane in football , such a chicken price On AWB

  14. Why sale the first place. He is a team player and you just want him go for nothing? The club has been bringing old player at great cost who have failed to improve the team and you want get rid of a good player. Do not blame him for a failed project 2023 as the whole team did not perform.

  15. If ten hag don’t like you he don’t play you unless there’s a injury which force’s his arm . He has upset so many players, he don’t keep his thoughts inside the club, he divides the players. He is no sir Alex sir Alex had respect from his players ten hag does not .I’m getting sick of my club 😒

  16. This is UTD all over buy for fifty million sell for peanuts then spend big to replace clubs rub their hands when UTD are involved

  17. Ten Hag don’t like him so let him go and prove himself. He is a young man and have plenty of time ahead of him. Let hem go instead of wasting time at man united where they don’t value hem.

  18. Serious what’s wrong with Den Haag? He is one of our best defenders. I wonder who will be the replacement for AWB. I can’t believe this.

  19. Your player who was giving huge contract to score, how many did he score and assist wit his huge money he takes. Don’t use assist and goals to defined a defender. Dump head.. bissaka defends well b gives us stability ..

  20. Here we go again selling AWB, There won’t be perfect replacement in the nearest 2 season to come. Then we end it up buying flops. I always hate united in market since Sir Alex Ferguson departure.

  21. Why out AWB? Best defensive full back in the EPL.
    Big Mistake! So he doesn’t offer as much as Walker hoping fwd, then keep him as a squad player. He was excellent in the cufi al.👎

  22. I don’t really know what’s wrong with our club. I don’t think AWB is such a bad player that we’re desperate to dump him. If anything, he’s one of the best one on one defender there is. Let’s keep him and focus in other areas please.

  23. I wonder why this decision for AWB good player like him. Maybe they want supporters to stop fellowing MAN U. That’s all

  24. Will be sorry to see him go, he has the ability to be a great full back and we will miss him.

  25. A very poor decision 😕 to hear. Indeed Man United has lost 😳 thier sense. They’ve lost it all, I wonder why they are being advised by a fool full water in their heads. Honestly he’s the only surviving fullback who’s been helping the team whenever Dalot got injured booked for red cards.

  26. It’s not worth it saling AWB honestly, this is costing results of keeping ETH at the club & accepting so called stake minority instead of the full sale of the club when they had a great chance to get things right on track. If Jasmine had bought the by now we could have seen alot of changes and good shape of Manchester United.

  27. Just bcoz ETH doesn’t want or love him, but price value is too low to match his qualities. Even strikers in England that he’s not an easy defender to by-pass through with the ball. By the time they realise that ETH & Rat are incapable of ruling Man United sports, they would lost all good players.

  28. What on earth are UTD playing at
    WBS is one of the best right backs in the Prem League.
    Grow up and give a new contract

  29. We look like fools, we are total idiots, we paid £50m for him and want to sell at such a low price..we should rather keep him as he’s a good alternative..I guess the £90k per week is the challenge. Hopefully under Ratcliffe, we’ll buy players at the right price that have a long term future for both club and player..


  31. Honestly AWB is far better in our defence line. Hope they don’t regret their decision…..

  32. Since when did attack become a role for a defender? What are all the 3 forwards and 3 midfielders doing up front ? A total of 6 players can’t do that? Which makes y’all to need a defender to join the attack? Clown! Y’all just trash talkers with modern football

  33. Just another racist move on a black man…. Cause he’s literally the best player in that Man u Squad as it stands

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