‘I don’t like to see this’ – Keane slams Mbappe for poor sportsmanship after suffering broken nose

Roy Keane lost any bit of sympathy he had for Kylian Mbappe, who had his nose busted, the French star selfishly decided to disrupt play.

The former Manchester United captain was left angered by the actions of Mbappe following the France star’s horror injury during Monday’s Euro 2024 clash win over Austria.

After scoring the opening goal, Mbappe found himself on the receiving end of a facial blow after Austra’s Kevin Danso shouldered the latest Real Madrid signing into the face. The collision has left Mbappe with a broken nose.

France were keen to sub him off before Mbappe walked back onto the pitch at the request of manager Didier Deschamps – but the referee had not permitted the former PSG star to return to the pitch.

Mbappe was booked for his actions while holding his nose.

No sympathy from Keane, who questions Mbappe’s sportsmanship

Reacting to the incident, Keane slammed Mbappe for his behaviour, saying (via Manchester Evening News): “He gets an injury he’s gone back on the pitch when he’s trying to stop play. He gone to sit on the pitch and I don’t like to see this.

“This is out of order, whether he’s been instructed by the manager to go back on. He’s had treatment he’s come off… to go back on and sit on the pitch, he deserved a yellow card and I don’t like to see it.”

Keane was joined by former team-mate Gary Neville on punditry duty for ITV. Neville said: “To be fair he’ll look back and I think he’ll be disappointed because he looks at Deschamps and Deschamps has gone get on and I think he’ll feel like he’s let himself down.”

Descamps confirmed after the match that Mbappe had broken his nose.

The France manager told TF1: “Yes, Kylian Mbappe has probably broken his nose.”

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