Daily Mail target Marcus Rashford with shameful attack on struggling star

Marcus Rashford has the summer off but the Daily Mail has persisted with their attempts to attack his profile.

An invasive report from the Daily Mail website on Wednesday was shared by the publication on X, which read: “Marcus Rashford dances his troubles away after missing out on Euro 2024: Snubbed Man United star enjoys night out at exclusive Cannes restaurant where he and friends ‘spent nearly £4,000 on drinks and food.”

The backlash from fans on the social media network, formerly known as Twitter, led to the Mail deleting the tweet – while the article remained on their website.

This wasn’t a ‘whoops’ moment because the Mail know what they are doing.

It was a shameful attempt to kick Rashford, a national hero, while he is down.

The article talks about how Rashford was seen enjoying himself at a popular beach bar in Cannes. That is normal behaviour for a professional footballer during the off-season, no?

They even detail where he ate, and who he was with, and bizarrely estimate he ‘splurged approximately £3,700 on drinks and food’ last weekend.

  • Nobody cares!
  • Eating out with family costs me, on average, £100+ – for 3 people. The cost of living has increased and this is a top footballer, out with friends, living in luxury!

The Mail also mentioned how much Rashford earns per week simply because everyone needed a reminder…

Have they nothing better to report on?

Why does Rashford get nasty coverage from the Mail?

As a right-wing tabloid, the Mail is traditionally a supporter of the Conservative Party, hence their disdain for Rashford after he embarrassed the Tory party in 2021.

The coverage of Rashford from the Daily Mail is often questionable at best. Fans hit out at the publication after Wednesday’s report because it wasn’t newsworthy.

Do they tell us what all Premier League players are doing and spending during the summer?

I can only surmise that Tory papers such as the Mail think people with log fires or small businesses are deserving, and people who complain to feed poor children are not.

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  1. “As a right-wing tabloid, the Mail is traditionally a supporter of the Conservative Party, hence their disdain for Rashford after he embarrassed the Tory party in 2021.”

    Such a childish bigoted smear attempt only indicates the ignorance and prejudice of the writer about politics. The Mail these days is anything its readers wants it to be and its neither right-wing and by extension its not small “c” conservative either. Real conservatism no longer exists in Westminster. As for the Mail to please its knuckledragging audience its writes mindless hatchet pieces to sate its readers inner angst just as this article attempts to do in response (firing up the ignorance in its readers).

    Anyone with any serious understanding of politics would realise that the modern day stateist global corporatist identity obsessed Tory party are not conservative in anything but name and haven’t been for a very long while. They are a liberal centreist party with all the worthlessness that self indulgent norally obsessed liberals stand for. Clearly the writer does not understand that nor indeed what conservatism is about but has been led along by his nose by some goebellesque left wing propaganda.

    Furthermore, the real nasties in politics as have been for the last century or more are National Socialists (eg in the UK the BNP) who believe in authoritarian state controlled economies (something no self respecting right winger would ever believe in). International socialists (in the UK Labour & the Libdems) are the left’s version of globalists and are just as useless as their liberal counterparts.

    Shish I’m so sick of the ignorant being brainwashed by extremist left wing Goebbels types.

    1. Erm, if you think Goebbels was left-wing, I dread to think how far right you must be🙂

  2. Mail is an horrendous rag, always has been, always will be. But fancy doing a hatchet job on an innocent young man, just because you think it will be popular with your readers.Doesn’t say much for their opinion of those who read it (assuming someone does). They were vehemently opposed to Sunak as PM, and then started brown-nosing him as soon as he got the position. They’re just keeping their bile-ducts ready for the lies and poison they’ll pump when Starmer is PM. Starting July 6th, if anyone fancies placing a bet on the date….

  3. I also believe there is a racist element to the Daily Fail’s attack on Rashford. Are they going to be stalking the likes of Maguire, Grealish, et al to see how they spend their money? Course not: despicable rag, as I say, and shame on anyone who buys it.

  4. Oh WOW!! Politics in football now!! Is there not enough politics crap everywhere else in life?!? 👎🤮👎🤮👎!!

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