‘It’s not good enough’ – Former Manchester United striker urges club to sack Erik ten Hag

Former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham reflects on an “unacceptable” 2023/24 season as the Reds finished eighth in the Premier League after suffering 14 defeats.

Manchester United are conducting internal meetings this week as they review the season and officials are set to decide on Erik ten Hag’s future as manager.

Sheringham says United were not good enough this season and nobody can disagree with that considering the team had 60+ injuries.

While Sheringham praises Ten Hag for how the manager dealt with rumours over his potential sacking, he stresses United should aim higher after our worst league finish since 1989/90.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Sheringham says United should be competing for the league title and suggested that the new owners may make an example out of Ten Hag: “The owners, the people in charge, have got to have a look at the situation and say, is that good enough for Manchester United?

“It’s a fantastic end to the season, no doubt, and fully deserved, and I love the way he’s brushed things off that if Manchester United don’t want me, I’ll go and win trophies elsewhere.

“But at the same time you look at where they’ve finished, I think it was 14 defeats during the season, it’s not good enough for Manchester United.

“They need to be in the top two or three pushing to win the league and at the moment, they’re nowhere near it.”

Most United fans want Ten Hag to be backed for a third season, so Ineos can expect a backlash if they part ways with the Dutchman this summer.

Two trophies in two years when there are no outstanding candidates available? I can’t see how sacking Ten Hag doesn’t cause more problems ahead of next season, whereas I think he can build on something if he remains – granted United can get their recruitment back in order.

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  1. Teddy is so spot in, TenHag will never even get an offer in the English championship,yet united deemed him unbelievable what a downgrade of a club united have become and Radcliffe seems useless to improve the club

    1. “…never even get an offer in the English championship…”
      Oh Basil, you are miles off it my friend.
      Just you wait and see.

  2. dale also thought that Ole was onto something too. truth is he and SN in general know very little about football.

    fortunately ineos will make a decision based on ETH performance over the season, and come to the obvious conclusion.

    lets see ETH’s next stop. it won’t be bayern, nor ajax, his options will be very slim.

    1. Three finals, two trophies, qualified for Europe – we’d not won a single thing since 2017. Erik has at the very least earned the right to see his contract out.

  3. Utd fans are constantly being fed this endless journalistic narrative that the club has some ‘god given right’ to be top of the pile (not by the Stretty writers, I hasten to add). Enough! The expectation that Utd should be PL/CL contenders just because the are Utd is deluded, especially in this modern era of fine margins. The 27 April 1974 shows the mighty can and will fall – in the same way that the success of ‘small’ teams like Brentford and Brighton illustrates what can be achieved when you are running a club well.

    Sir Alex inherited a mess; finished outside the top 10 in three of his first four seasons. How did he manage to create the greatest legacy in English league football? He started by building a cup winning side. Against the odds, EtH has already started down the same path, having worked wonders with a side fit only for open heart surgery. The idea he he should be sacked in his second season, having reached three finals, won two trophies and qualified us for successive European campaigns is beyond belief…unless of course you subscribe to the ‘god given right’ – in which case you’d better get praying ⚽🏆❤️

    1. I actually posted uniteds previous finishes in te past 6 years in another thread.

      2nd, 6th, 3rd, 2nd, 6th, 3rd – how exactly has ETH really turned anything around? the trend is the same, and this was with ole who is seen as a rubbish manager – he is still unemployed after 3 years. and he has spent 400m (330 if you exclude casemiro who wasnt his signing)

      fact is it ETH inners who are entitled, ignoring all the evidence that ETH is actually quite poor and believing that united dont need to make smart decisions – just a hire a dud manager and give him time, and we will return to the top. that is arrogance and it comes from the ole/ETH fanboys.

      when ETH gets fired (within the week or early next) I hope you watch where he goes next, just watch how the football world rates him, as just like ole he won’t be hired by a top team, yet apparently he is good enough for united?

      1. C’mon Dave. He’s turning ( not turned) it around by winning stuff. Against the odds. I enjoy reading your pov, but are you not in the least bit intrigued to see what EtH can achieve under a better run Utd? And I’m keen to know who would you would replace him with.

        1. thanks for the response dunk, i don’t see him turning around anything, ole lost on pens for the EL so v close to winning a cup and the football world judges him appropriately. i think ETH will be seen as someone who is maybe good i cups, but frankly not good enough for the PL – he is a poor coach and tactician, he has proven that.

          ETH was employed to install a high possession, pressing team. he has failed. united had 26% against city. after two years of ETH at the helm. yes they won, but thats surely not in the plan, two years -1GD, 400m spent.

          united have good players, not title winning ones but teh squad is better than people make out and certainly better than what ETH has achieved.

          I would get de zerbi in tbh but tuchel would also be good.

          I want a coach who gets the best out of players but de zerbi plays v nice football, and with better players and a better structure, united would improve drastically and the football would be good.

          1. Tuchel has the medals to back it up (nod to Alan Hanson there), but my concern is that he really isn’t a ‘project manager’. It would be very short term, then he’d fall out with everyone and move on. Back to square one.
            Anyway, we’ll soon find out if Erik gets another season. If he does, I hope you’ll back him – if nothing else, we gotta believe. True, there are things to improve, but Sir Alex wasn’t the finished article when he arrived.
            Up the reds.

          2. I’ll bak him for sure dunk but i doubt he will be given the opportunity but lets see! next season has to be better than this one anyhow. have a good evening mate.

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