United fan in Atalanta end: A few pints and a bit of European football in Dublin

My plan for the night was very simple. Drink loads of pints and soak up as much of the atmosphere as possible.

I hit the city in the mid-afternoon and went to the ‘Fan Park’ in Shelbourne Park. It was full to the rafters of Bayer Leverkusen fans. Drinks were flowing, songs were being sung and the sun was shining. The Irish were putting on a good show and the Germans were lapping it up.

At around 5pm, the Leverkusen fans made their way to the stadium, which is a short walk away – but the game wasn’t for another three hours and I had no interest in getting into the stadium early.

To calm things down, I nipped into a traditional Irish bar called John Clarke & Sons, which was around the corner, for a couple of decent pints of Guinness. I got to speak to some Atalanta fans and they explained where they were in the stadium and where the Ultras would be stood. A plan was hatched in my mind…….

There were no issues or delays whatsoever as fans entered the stadium. Moreover, the atmosphere in the concourse was great as both sets of fans mingled and enjoying the Irish hospitality.

My seats weren’t the best… only 10 rows back and stuck in a corner. Approximately 60 meters to the left of where the Atalanta fans were going batsh*t crazy. That is where I wanted to be. I was with a friend so we moved over to where they were, but it was cornered off and a member of security warned us against moving in.

It was early in the game when Atalanta scored and their end erupted as some Italian lad grabbed me and helped drag us across the meshing. We quickly moved into the middle of the mayhem. The atmosphere was incredibly intense while being conducted by two of their fans holding megaphones.

I picked the right end to blag into, experiencing two goals scored whilst being in the middle of these raving lunatics is something that I will never forget limbs being thrown in every direction.

What a night, what a performance and what Fans

Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Vinci per noi, Magica Atalanta, Vinci per noi, Magica Atalanta, Vinci per noi, Magica Atalanta, Vinci per noi, Magica Atalanta…

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