Paul Parker compares Rasmus Hojlund to former Manchester United striker

Former Manchester United right-back Paul Parker has compared 21-year-old Danish striker Rasmus Hojlund to Mark Hughes.

The Denmark international has proven his worth in recent weeks with a series of goals in consecutive matches. His goals have helped pick up crucial points in the Premier League race for a top four finish.

Hojlund is no longer under the same pressure as before when he failed to score in his first 14 league matches. The pressure was mounted on his shoulders then.

It was inevitable to happen when United decided to sign a young striker as their only centre forward for the 2023/24. Anthony Martial has been nothing more than a sick note (yet again) and needs to be let go at the end of the season.

Even Parker has been impressed with the improvement that the young forward has demonstrated over these last few weeks. He made a subtle comparison to United great Mark Hughes, but Hojlund has a lot of hard work to do to become a striker like him.

Speaking to Danish magazine Tipsbladet, Parker said: “All he wants is to score goals. Manchester United hasn’t had such a striker since Mark Hughes, and it’s very necessary for the club right now, but they haven’t utilized him well enough until now.

“Like Mark Hughes, Højlund always tries to make the best out of even a bad pass. However, he hasn’t reached the point where he complains to his teammates, as Mark Hughes would do when he received a bad pass. When he did, it was just a matter of pulling himself together, otherwise he would point fingers in the locker room after the game.

“If only there were more players with his mindset and heart, then it wouldn’t matter if they play well or not. They would eventually be rewarded. The problem is that there aren’t enough of his kind on the team who want to prove themselves.”

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