Manchester United intensify clampdown on ticket touts at Old Trafford

Manchester United are stepping up their efforts to tackle ticket touting at Old Trafford after a number of fans were turned away from the ground on Saturday prior to the 1-0 defeat against Crystal Palace.

The club felt it was a good idea to penalise fans for buying tickets – not the touts themselves – and they were given a piece of paper at the ticket office explaining the reasons why they weren’t granted entry into the stadium, as per the Daily Mail.

These fans were being penalised for buying tickets from ‘an unofficial source at an inflated price’.

“As this was an illegal transaction, we would strongly advise you to contract your bank to try and reclaim the money paid for these tickets,” the message from the club read.

While it sounds like United are doing a good thing by tackling ticket touting because we don’t want to see fellow Reds ripped off, but it all comes with lots of irony when you see United selling tickets for home Premier League matches for more than £300.

Full on or off-site hospitality aside, United would prefer if you paid their inflated prices than anyone else. This is just another example of greed and how they only see fans as customers.

United were quick to take ticket money for the Carabao Cup fourth round tie against Newcastle. They are less quick to fix the leaky roof at Old Trafford.

Fans who pay their hard-earned money to follow United deserve better than sheer neglect.

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  1. Typical United, instead of looking into ways to stop the touts buying up all the tickets in the first place they would rather punish those who have to buy off a tour because they couldn’t get tickets from the club. They obviously knew what tickets where sold to the touts. Are these touts barred from buying tickets? Or can they continue to scam the real fans.

  2. Have messaged MUST and UTD to Answer how the Debacle of letting The Turks have tickets around the ground

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