(Video) Manchester United fans clap off Erik ten Hag after Brighton defeat

Social media can often give a very warped view of the Manchester United fanbase.

I try to avoid it like the plague after matches. Nowadays with Blue Tick accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, we’ve got the worst of worst so-called influencers financially gaining from cheap interactions.

You can only imagine the hoax outrage after Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to Brighton.

Then when I woke up this morning and checked if it was safe to reappear on X, I found leftovers and several team members getting it from all angles.

Moreover, other bits were sadly predictable, albeit at a time we all know the root of Manchester United’s problems is beyond the manager.

Of course, after a poor start to the season – two wins, three defeats – you come to expect a bit of kneejerkery and people are entitled to be miffed off at the team they follow.

But, surely, the suggestion that we need to replace Erik ten Hag can only be labeled as nonsense.

A video is doing the rounds online showing how a number of fans stayed behind at Old Trafford on Saturday to clap off the manager.

It’s a fitting tribute because I’ve always argued if you can’t support United when we’re losing, don’t bother when we’re winning.

The fans all clapping off Erik ten Hag after the game.
byu/Routine_Specialist13 inreddevils

Remember last season when Ten Hag overachieved in his debut campaign. The Dutchman wasn’t expected to finish third and deliver our first trophy in six-years, as well as getting us to a second final. He achieved it with a number of obstacles in his way and there are no guarantees he will do it again in his second season.

Bald is best.

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  1. The outrage at Man Utd when they lose a game is just ridiculous. I stayed off social media and every sports channel because I don’t need to listen to every diatribe and nonsensical write ups. Just like you said Dale, if you can’t support Man Utd when we are losing don’t bother when we are winning.

    1. you don’t get to tell poeple who they can and can’t support. most united fans want what’s best for united, fans who become fanboys of the manager and certain players generally cloud their judgement – we saw it with ole and we see it with players like bruno.

      ETh has said repeatedly that his job is to return united to winning ways. i think most fans want good football and to compete especially if we spend more than any other club but ETH is clearly out of his depth and it shows weekly – he has also failed to implement a style of play after a year+. had he not blown 400m then I doubt he would be criticised but he has and unfortunately it will have big ramifications for united. weve maxed out FFP from his careless spending and we will basically be in a similar position to barcelona but without CL football, or possibly even any european football.

      he’s a crap manager, fire him and move on. which is exactly what the club will do but typically far too late.

      1. Come on, Dixon. Ten Hag overachieved last season and you’re now saying he is a crap manager. That’s bizarre given all the shit he has had to deal with.

        1. he didn’t overachieve, liverpool and chelsea were rubbish – newcastle got similar points to united.

          He is a bad manager and is unfortunately proving so every game. he reminds me of ole and that isnt a compliment. theres no style and poor performing players always play regardless of performance. plus there is so little balance in the middle of the pitch – teams just ghost past the midfield, this was a major problem during ole’s time and it hasnt improved at all.

          he’s gonna get fired within 3 months, with united around 10th i expect.

          oh well thanks for the response dale!

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