Jadon Sancho axed from squad: Stretty News writers have their say

This is a real issue for Manchester United. Arguably a bigger one that Cristiano Ronaldo considering how they will also trying to protect Jadon Sancho’s value as his career meets a crossroads.

It’s another sign of the problems that exist at Manchester United and it seems only an apology can save Sancho’s bacon at Old Trafford.

This is a player that has hardly impressed us in a Red shirt since joining from Borussia Dortmund in 2021 and it’s time for him to pull his socks up. That’s a lot more than saying sorry to Erik ten Hag for their public spat which overshadowed the international break for everyone.

Stretty News writers have been reflecting on the news that Sancho has been told to train away from the first team for the foreseeable future. It is also understood that he is refusing to apologise to the manager.

Dale O’Donnell, Editor

“Everyone was disappointed to see Sancho throw his toys out of the drama, but anyone surprised has easily forgotten about the disciplinary issues he had at Man City and Borussia Dortmund. It doesn’t take very long to wonder why isn’t getting selected for England and it’s not some ABU conspiracy. Ultimately, I think he needs to think carefully about his next step because I won’t lose sleep if he’s trying to salvage his career in *cough* the Saudi Pro League. I suspect Erik ten Hag will double down and show him the door.”

Matthew Henderson, Writer

“Ten Hag winning another battle against another tantrum-prone princess is huge for the future of the club. Sancho has been given chance after chance by the manager, given help beyond what others have had, but has done nothing less than spit in his face. He’s ruined his career by acting as he has, not many sides will go near him now as he’s gone from a player out of form, or unsuited to the league, to an ungrateful brat who’s thrown his toys out of the pram because of some constructive criticism.”

Sean McNally, Writer

“It was disappointing to see Sancho react to his manager’s comment in the manner he did, especially considering Ten Hag gave Sancho time away last season to work on his personal issues and has experimented with him in different positions in an effort to get him into the side. It’s a bit of a weak move in the first place to resort to social media, but to call out Ten Hag and then flat out refuse to take any responsibility for his behavior or ownership of his part in the situation is petulant and unprofessional on Sancho’s end. Furthermore, poor training standards and social media deflection seem to be a pattern for Sancho at each club he’s been at. Ten Hag has raised standards at United and he’s treated every player the same, specifically when it comes to disciplinary issues. When such a change occurs at any organisation, those who won’t or can’t adjust will stick out and have a choice to make; Sancho made a poor choice. At the end of the day, no player is bigger than the club and Sancho hasn’t exactly been pulling up any trees since his arrival. A transfer away looks like the best option for everyone involved.”

Isabel Crofts, Writer

“I’ve personally backed Sancho for a while and have always held more patience than the average fan, purely because deep down, there was always that lingering hope that he’d be able to replicate the same form from his Dortmund days, and if he ever did, we’d be onto something very special. Unfortunately, now, that won’t be the case. I’ve also been incredibly critical of Ten Hag at times and the ways he’d handled certain situations, but just as a player in this instance, you have to swallow your pride for the good of your career. Whether you can’t stand the manager, believe you should be playing more or whatever it is – put your head down, get on with it and do your talking on the pitch. If Sancho stands firm in not apologising, it will end up having serious implications on his career from this point – and he’s just 23 years old. Few clubs will want to take a chance on someone with a repeated showing of poor professionalism, no matter the talent they once displayed.”

Fabiola Cejku, Writer

“Recent situations at Manchester United have shown that what we needed was a ruthless manager. Sancho training on his own after what happened is exactly an example of that. A manager should show the players who is boss. You have a complaint, a problem or something else, just go to the manager; it’s this simple. Sancho is talented and clearly has potential, but football is more than that. He either reflects and apologises, or finds another team. Erik was careful with his situation last season; I am pretty sure he would have done it again if something was bothering Sancho. This is Manchester United, not a version of a cheesy soap opera. Just another headache added, which is awful.”

Dave Cleaver, Writer

“I don’t know who you think you are; I don’t know what you want. If you’re looking for a transfer, we’ll let you go in January. Remember we have a manager with a particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very successful career; skills that will make him a nightmare for players like you. Just ask CR7 and Rashers. If you apologise now, you’ll be on the bench until Christmas and that’ll be the end of it; the gaffer won’t look for you in training, he won’t pursue you in Carrington; but if you don’t apologise, he will look for you, he will find you, and he will sell you.”

Jonathan Kahn, Writer

“It didn’t have to come to this. One of the most exciting young English talents when he was signed now left to train alone and seemingly heading through the door marked ‘exit’ at the earliest opportunity. For a player of such immense ability it’s a sad end. But Erik ten Hag is a man of principle and if you don’t want to follow his rules there’s only one way it ends. Sancho has perhaps been indulged more than any other player as the boss tried to get him back to his best. But there’s no way back from here.”

Philip Morrissey, Writer

“There seems to be only one outcome when it comes to Sancho vs Ten Hag. The Dutch manager has already demonstrated his refusal to allow star reputation to dictate his team selection. From a signing that seemed to be tailor made for the club to being on the periphery of many games in a short period was alarming. He was permitted a spell away from the club to deal with personal issues. That seemed to have worked to a charm when he was welcomed off the bench to a huge ovation. He has not kept up that momentum though. The latest infractions appear to have reached boiling point between player and manager. It might be time to cut our losses with Jadon unless there is a remarkable step down from either party.”

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  1. Think we’re all on same page with this one. The days when the player held all the power as managers bent over backwards need to be over, and TH has now tried the arm round the shoulder carrot, and now the stick.

    Up to sancho but no place for that nonsense, none of the top managers would put up with it.

  2. I am not sure that Ten is the right manager for Utd.
    While it is true the manager is the boss using the media to call out players is not the best way to get the best out of players and when they reply by using media they are soon out the door, ok they earn good money but that is the clubs fault.
    `Seems if Ten can say what he wants but cant take
    the answers, sad really.

    1. I’m guessing this is from a 16 year old toddler who has never worked in an organisation and doesn’t understand the concept of standards and hierarchy.

  3. I’m guessing this is from a 16 year old toddler who has never worked in an organisation and doesn’t understand the concept of standards and hierarchy.

  4. There is an absolute hierarchy here – and Jadon Sancho has chosen to ignore this. He’s received more support and been given more chances by the manager than any other player, and yet states he’s been made the scapegoat for poor performances. Harry Maguire must’ve rolled his eyes when he read that line. A true pro would do his talking on the pitch – he’s Ben very poorly advised by his entourage to resort to social media in this fashion. I don’t wish Sancho any ill, but he needs to wake up and realise that being an elite player requires more than just ability – professionalism and commitment are every bit as important. Total respect to EtH once again. His managerial approach is 100% what this club needs, just as Fergie’s hard line was when he first took over.

  5. EtH is exactly the Manager we need right now. Time for Jadon Sancho to appreciate that being an elite player requires more than just ability – application, commitment and discipline are essential. A true pro does his talking on the pitch. In taking to social media, Jadon’s been very poorly advised by his entourage. All strength to Erik. This project will 100% reap the rewards, but the Manager has to be supported.

    1. i would love to see what all you fans also thought of ole and how great he was.

      fact is ETH is clearly such a poor appointment. no style of play, 400m spent. lots of talk but its just air,, if he was half as good as he thinks united wouldnt be so rubbish.

      he’ll be gone within 6 months for sure.

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