Mitten: Harry Maguire is a scapegoat for some Manchester United fans

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, United We Stand fanzine editor Andy Mitten believes Harry Maguire’s current difficulties “won’t be his career forever”.

“At the games, he gets support, online he gets a lot of stick. He’s become a scapegoat for some Manchester United fans but at Old Trafford and at away grounds United fans have been very supportive.

“He’s not having an easy time in his career but it was only two years ago that he was one of Manchester United’s most important players. When he became injured in May 2021 ahead of the Europa League final, United fans were wondering how the team would cope without him.

“He’s had a difficult time, I cant pretend that he’s been playing well. I think mentally he’s been exceptionally strong, he’s never hid. I’ve spoke to him many times as a journalist and he’s always been completely upfront.

“For England, I don’t think he’s put a foot wrong. I think he’s served England very well. He’s lost his place in the Manchester United team and obviously didn’t want that to happen, that does happen in football. How he gets out of that would be by playing well in big matches rather than routine home wins where he’d be expected to be comfortable anyway. Some Man Utd fans would hold it against him that he didn’t leave the club in the summer, freeing up some money to potentially bring in other players but I just don’t like it.

“He’s got to get out of this, this won’t be his career forever, he’s just fallen out of favour with a lot of people.

“Most players go through it to some degree, but he’s going through it having been Manchester United’s captain, things are not going well on levels at the club, that all adds to it.”

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