Getafe manager breaks silence on Mason Greenwood arrival

Mason Greenwood has sealed a controversial exit from Manchester United, with the young attacker joining La Liga side Getafe on deadline day.

The move comes roughly one week after United made a U-turn on their initial decision to reintegrate Greenwood into the club, with that move met with significant backlash from the club’s support.

Instead, it was announced that it would be best for Greenwood to continue his career elsewhere, with the club vowing to work with Greenwood to find the best possible solution.

Greenwood was rumoured to be joining Lazio on deadline day but as the day progressed, that move became increasingly unlikely and instead, he will be spending the 2023/24 season on loan at Getafe.

Now, speaking after the move was confirmed by all parties, Getafe manager has broken his silence on the move, admitting he hopes the winger returns to his best form in Spain.

“It is a very delicate situation to trivialise this issue,” manager Jose Bordalas is quoted as saying by the Metro. “Everyone knows what happened and the appropriate measures were taken, obviously, we can only talk about football.

“Regarding the other issues, I believe that the people and the relevant authorities did what they had to do and everyone knows how it ended with a non-conviction sentence therefore he is a free person, a footballer of a very high level and who arrives at Getafe with enormous enthusiasm and that we are obviously going to help him so that he recovers back to his best level.

“I have already commented what I had to comment. I can only speak on a football level. We all know the potential he has. He is a very young boy, he is still 21 years old and we can help him adapt to a situation.

“It’s a different league but because of the potential he has, I’m sure that if he physically reaches a good level, I’m convinced of him because of how young he is and because we’ve been informed that he obviously wants to recover his professional status and Getafe can help him in that.”

It is thought that Getafe do not hold the option to make the loan deal permanent at the end of the campaign and it remains to be seen how United handle the situation at the end of the season.

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  1. Man utd don’t have what to say about Masson greenwood issue, is there any player now in man utd team that you can compare to greenwood outside Rashford? It was because of his absence last two seasons that we were left out Ucl, the 18 goals Ronaldo scored that years, more were his renounce, Greenwood was rated ahead of foden but look at foden now, why can’t utd use their head for what God has blessed us with after Ronaldo, keep females team aside and help Man Utd team (I SO SUBMIT).

  2. Hear! Hear! Hear! Finally, someone in the european football world makes some sense, shows, and courage and gives a man a chance at redemption!! A second chance!!

    Shame On Hypocritical, Virtue Signaling United!! BRAVO JOSE BORDALAS BRAVO GETAFE!! Greenwood, You Are Better Off Away From Cringing, Cowardly, Snowflake, United!!


    A United Supporter For 58 years!!

  3. The boy not been convicted with anything.he is free to play football even with United.unfortunately people can decide the future of a young man how is a talented footballer.good luck greenwood I hope you come back next .

  4. As a United supporter since 1958 I couldn’t disagree more with Ramsay! Greenwood would be destroyed by opposition fans if he remained in the UK! Sadly the only person who could have helped him, is the girlfriend, who has said nothing! What does that tell you? Dropped charges don’t mean innocent. To get his career on track he needs to get away. There will be fans who care more about football than morals but there is too much doubt. United have helped him and now his new club will too. Let’s see what happens but best he moves for now!

  5. I didn’t see a significant backlash all I saw was half dozen women with a banner outside old Trafford practically all the Utd fans I know and spoke too wanted him to stay I having been going to old Trafford for 48 years
    If greenwood was allowed to train and play under
    ETH. He would become a 100 million player

  6. We are punishing a man for what he did as a teenager. For what he did as a kid. I remember some of the things I did as a kid and I regret the lot of them. No single person even understands the full extent of said abuse and the accusations labeled. We have simply jumped to conclusion from what was posted online, which doesn’t paint the full picture in anyway. And all the male pundits are scared to speak out for the sake of potential backlash. What we have done to this young man is absolutely sickening.

    These days, when REAL men speak their minds, they are either considered misogynistic, sexist, or having toxic masculinity. And don’t even get me started on ‘Cancel Culture’.

    Logic no longer prevails.

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