Adidas decision on Mason Greenwood could sway other sponsors

Most thought we would have an update on Mason Greenwood by now, but everyone knows Manchester United can’t let it drag on into next season.

Too many questions are being asked. And now, the Manchester United academy graduate is regularly being snapped on the streets of Manchester with his partner following the birth of their newborn.

According to The Sun, secret talks with Adidas are ongoing and have been described as “positive” in the sense that they could approve his return.

There will be many Reds who won’t see the positive angle in that – but it’s how The Sun has worded it’s report. Their source could be someone close to Mason Greenwood’s camp, which has been our suspicion for some time.

A source told the outlet: “The initial signals from Adidas are positive. Without their blessing it would be hard to see a way back. But they have communicated his return would not necessarily be an insurmountable obstacle.

“They have certainly given the impression they would not be fiercely opposed to it.”

Greenwood was dropped by Nike following his arrest. He was also removed from the FIFA series, but it remains to be seen what will happen if United take him back next season or someone else does.

The report adds Old Trafford bosses are set to decide in the coming weeks on the future of Greenwood after charges including attempted rape were dropped.

Greenwood has been back training on his own this summer and it’s understood United are following the England ace’s regime.

Furthermore, it’s noted Greenwood has spoken more than once with Erik ten Hag and we can only imagine a return was discussed between the pair.

Isn’t that what Greenwood will want to know now so he can sort out his future ahead of the new season? His side will be pushing United, especially at the rate they’re investigating at…

All of this suggests there’s a real chance Greenwood could return to playing for United. The backlash from that will be something else.

It is believed an assurance from Adidas is likely to see other sponsors follow suit.

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  1. Please 🙏🥺🥺
    Manchester united, adidas and Erik ten hag
    We the Manchester united fans need greenwood not only we both Manchester united and Erik ten hag .
    Imagine when we have Antony, Sancho, Rashford, greenwood and so and then imagine how fire 🔥 we can be please please and please 🥺 we need him back 🔙
    If we let go of him we gonna regret it .
    Hope you guys see 🙈 thiz ,
    Gorly gorly gorly Manchester united and greenwood

    1. What a strange reply. It’s worrying what some people come out but surely they’d never use their real names…

    2. Your comment really touches me, ever since i grew up till today i have never support any other club except Manchester united, if Greenwood did not comeback to Manchester united first eleven, i will never be a Manchester united fans again.

    3. The story was from a source called Allmadeup according to official Adidas statement released today.

  2. As people have previously commented (including me) the issue is not Greenwood’s innocence or guilt but the PR implications for Man Utd and its sponsors and the impact on fans and other players. If the PR impact can be managed to the satisfaction of the club’s board (and, by extension, sponsors’ boards) and the club is confident that the impact on fans and other club players is acceptable, then bring him back. If not, then it’s too risky.

    Greenwood might aid the situation if he made some donations to suitable charities (if not already). His public “family man” appearances will help.

    Ultimately, it should be the board’s call.

  3. He’s a young man, give him his second chance to repent & redeem whatever his sin were on the pitch..

  4. Yes I agree Mason Greenwood would make a big difference.why don’t Eth give this young man another chance ,everyone does. Yes mistakes were made however if there is anyone has no sin you, be the first one to cast a stone.But there you are placing more emphasis on Greenwood’s challenges rather his potential.. you will regret this decision to strifle this young man’s potential
    From South Africa

  5. The person he supposedly had issues with has moved on. Why is Manchester United crying more than the bereaved. The majority of fans worldwide are on Greenwood’s side. BRING HIM BACK NOW!

    1. Exactly. Sometimes I even asked myself: Is this internal investigation really necessary? 🙄
      Why is dragging on and on?
      The young man has a life of his own.
      Bring him back or let him go so he can start a new life for the betterment of himself and his family.

  6. Mark Goldbridge at The United Stand ran a poll: the results were 60% for bringing him back, 30% to loan him for a year (presumably then to re-evaluate the situation) and 10% to sell him now.

    I’m not aware of other polls. Are there any?

  7. You see what Jude Bellingham did against us. Greenwood is the only forward that can do that at United and some useless fans said they don’t want him back. They can join another club for all I care.

  8. The Worl d should show us an individual thats perfect that has never did anything wrong , the owners of clubs or the entire organization and their decsion makers are all not perfect .. why do we judge each other for human errors … or why critisize someone for something if themselves cant run, manage their clubs properly …

    You owners are giving this mighty club a bad name with your poor decsion making and poor management qualities …

    If i was the coach Greenwood would be back in my first 11..

    Ladies you distgust me blackmailing us men just because of their money and fame VOESTEK !!!

  9. Mason greenwood is very important in the united squad
    GGMU please 🙏 and the entire Manchester united and ETH please mention the Guy join the the squad this season
    So that Antony will be serious and know when to give pass to his fellow team member in the opponent 18

  10. What Antony, Sancho cannot do,mason greenwood would do more than that,he already done that before, bring him back to old trafford

  11. I can tell you that glazzers are the problem of greenwood and mind you that greenwood is better and consistent than all this man united plastic attackers even till now so I beg all the internal man united investigators to bring back masson greenwood to help us play the ball and deliver old Trafford from shame especially from Antony’s wing

  12. I can say confidentary that Manchester united need Greenwood more than Greenwood need of United. Loose him then go for carabao as usual. We as fans know what he have in his ability for Manchester, if the board can’t go by the fan’s then we as fans will be meaning totally nothing the club we have loved with our genes. Viva United

  13. Please bring back the lad. Our team is more lethal with him upfront. He is one of the bets young players we have. He has learnt from his mistakes and as big as the club is we should forgive, and provide proper guidance to young players

  14. But in all we need greenwood back for both his future and also benefits us as a club he’s ours forever please forgive him
    The punishment has been enough
    It turns out to be very many years for an athlete and sportsman 🙏🙏

  15. I pray that Erik ten hag accepts greenwood back coz he has the potential to push our club so far. we the United fans

  16. 1. player kung fu kicks a fan -Cantona
    2. player assualts Greek police – Macguire
    3. player on sound recording evidence demands sex from his partner – Greenwood
    4. players being racially abused – Fans

    The image of United is becoming more tainted by the day. The worst thing, no one is ever held criminally accountable! Karma has the tendacy to come & bite back.

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