Sheikh Jassim still waiting on response after latest Manchester United bid

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani is sounding impatient as he continues to try win the race to buy Manchester United.

The Guardian have published an update on the Manchester United takeover process, courtesy of Jamie Jackson, which has dragged on for since last November.

Jackson claims Sheikh Jassim, who is competing in a two-horse race with Sir Jim Ratcliffe of INEOS, is increasingly uncertain whether the Glazers will sell United.

Ultimately, it sounds like we are in the same position we were in… four weeks ago Sheikh Jassim made his latest improved offer.

The Qatari banker has reportedly yet to recieve a response to that fifth bid of about £6 billion.

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand dropped a questionable hint that there would be major news yesterday, but there was only a report from A Raya that has hardly been relayed by press in the Middle East.

You can only tell by the way a news story reads how one party is feeling about a certain situation. And, some people may argue that it means something completely different. Especially on Twitter.

I get the sense it’s just a mere briefing from someone in the Qatar side as they’re getting impatient with the Glazers’ decision process. They are also aware the lack of clarity means the situation could change quickly.

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  1. Will someone tell us the truth. I know for a fact that the deal is 6.5 bill and that jasim is confident. Where is the clarity front he glazers. I WANT GLAZERS OUT

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