Sheikh Jassim’s takeover of Man United stalls due to Glazers’ reluctance to sell

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani was reportedly close to completing a full takeover of Manchester United before numerous members of the Glazer family dug their heels in.

According to Global Finance, the Qatar-based billionaire was closing in on his desired takeover of England’s most successful club but has since seen the situation stall.

This is due to five of the six siblings being unwilling to part with their shares, those being Avram, Kevin, Bryan, Joel and Edward Glazer.

A source told GF that the issue is “getting the kids to agree” and that the entire sale “is just in shambles”.

Frustration growing over takeover delay

The process has been ongoing since last November when the Americans initially opened up to outside investment for the club they’ve owned since 2005.

It was initially reported that a sale would be completed within the first quarter of 2023, though that quickly went out the window. Here we are now, almost eight months on, and none the wiser about what the future holds for the ownership of Manchester United.

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  5. I wouldn’t blame Ten Hag for walking away they’ve already effectively destroyed our transfer window and let our rivals get further ahead hopefully if the sale fails the bottom drops out of the shares they hold and are worth hardly anything the stadium will continue to crumble training facilities will continue to be inadequate we won’t get the best youth players coming through the system anymore and so on

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