Jim Ratcliffe’s proposal for United could see all six Glazer siblings retain their shares

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s latest proposal in the Manchester United sale process could see all six Glazer siblings retain their shares.

That’s according to Financial Times, which confirms the Englishman’s bid is not for a complete takeover of the club, but instead he is looking to buy out enough class B shares to have control of  United.

His offer is vastly different to that of Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Qatari billionaire who wants to buy 100 per cent of the club.

The American owners are now leaning towards a route that sees them “sell down their holdings in proportion to their holdings, allowing Ratcliffe to take control”.

Ratcliffe would then buy out the remaining shares from the family over time.

FT adds: “The structure of Ratcliffe’s bid means that he can part with less capital up front, obtain majority control and invest in the club.

“One issue around Ratcliffe’s plan to buy the B shares is that United stock exchange filings say the class B shares are “automatically and immediately” converted into class A shares on transfer from the Glazers “to a person or entity that is not an affiliate of the holder. 

“One possible solution is for the Glazers to vote through changes that would allow the B shares to pass over to Ratcliffe without turning into A shares, two people close to the process said.”

Frustration continues to grow for United fans

With the Glazers digging their heels since November, it’s left question marks over how Erik ten Hag will be able to navigate the transfer market this summer.

In January, he was told by the hierarchy that any incomings would be strictly on a loan basis, despite a dire need for a prolific striker to be added to the ranks.

Now, the Dutchman is poised with the task of bolstering his squad ready for another crucial season in which United must compete on all fronts, including in their return to the Champions League.

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  1. For Ratcliffe to be involving Glazers in his take over bid,that means he’s meaning no well or has good intentions for the club, and I don’t think his bid should be thrown out,fans are tired of Glazers family making money out of Man United and no progress all these years.

    1. The Glazers involvement must end at the point of sale not further down the road so it shows Ratcliffe is only interested in adding us to his portfolio not the welfare of the club and it’s fans not matter how much he professes he’s been a United fan for years the whole thing stinks the Glazers are only thinking how much they can con out or prospective buyers and drive the price up

  2. Really what it means he cannot afford to buy out right if this happens we are going backwards

  3. He is doing it this way as he doesn’t have the funding to buy them outright. We don’t want the Glazers here for a few more years whilst Ratcliffe makes enough money from United to buy the rest of the shares.

  4. The Qataris want to buy the glory and disentangle the club from financial engineering that makes its chief purpose money and not glory

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