Report: Manchester United U18s and Everton share a point

After a spectacular 4-3 win against Sunderland, Manchester United U18s faced Everton in midweek as they have a few games in hand compared to the rest of the Premier League North opponents.

Jacob Lara, a trialist from Salford City was in the starting XI for United. Coach Travis Binnion played this XI: Harrison, Nolan, Ogunneye, Lara, Murray, Fitzgerald, McAllister, Missin, Lacey, Mather, Wheatley. Meanwhile, the bench: Myles, Kamason, Berry, Williams, Musa.

The game started in the right pace as both teams were looking to score from the starting minutes. The eyes were on the trialist from Salford as he made a great block after Ogunneye kicked the ball off Finley and United needed to recover possession.

Also, a few minutes later it was Lara with a great tackle who the referee signals as a foul instead, despite being a clear one. It did not take long for Manchester United to cause trouble in the Everton area. Lara passed the ball to Nolan who then passes it to Mather. Sam then took care of it well inside the penalty area. Just like that, United were in front at Carrington.

Soon enough, United should have had a second one but Wheatley’s effort was deflected. Then it was Sam Mather again. This time he picked a pass which found Wheatley but frustration grew as he could not finish like he wanted it to. Harrison was also called in action several times and he did well in every occasion. Murray, on the other hand had a chance for United but it was off target. Everton’s only threat is Sherif who seemed to play well with his feet. As the end of the first half approached, United had several chances to double the lead but nothing good so far. The referee blew the whistle for the end of the first half.

As the teams came on for the second, coach Travis Binnion made a change. On came Ethan Williams for Missin. Shortly after that it was Everton that equalised. Sherif executed a brilliant header from a free-kick in the box. After that, both teams have been trying to make something out of every chance, but so far nothing big has come their way. As the 70th minute was approaching, Everton had a chance via Sherif again. Their calls over a penalty were wavered by the referee as he said play on after a tackle in the box. Shea Lacey came off for Berry, Lacey was quite on the wing but not enough to score tonight. Binnion also changed Kamason and Musa for Wheatley and Ogunneye.

Lara was once subject to a referee call which seemed odd. The trialist has been brilliant so far. What followed is a bit strange. First it was Musa, who clearly could have won it for United but on a one on one with the Everton keeper, the United youngster saw his shot saved. On the other hand, Sherif missed a chance to win it for the visitors but his shot was just wide. In the end, both sides share one point each with them having clear cut chances to win. Lara, the trialist from Salford did well tonight. Manchester United U18s are third in the U18 Premier League North with 43 points after 23 games.

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