Mason Greenwood doesn’t expect Manchester United return

Mason Greenwood has allegedly told friends that he doesn’t expect to play for Manchester United again.

The Manchester United academy graduate was arrested in January 2022 after a woman alleged physical and sexual abuse on social media.

But the CPS withdrew the case after his alleged victim and witnesses refused to co-operate with the investigation.

That has been revealed by The Sun, who speak to a source close to the situation, after the striker assumed he would return to the team after attempted rape and assaults charges were dropped against him in February.

Of course, having charges dropped doesn’t clear your name, and Mason Greenwood returning to Manchester United would be incredibly controversial. He is not an innocent by any means and the case itself never went to trial.

It is understood that he has faced opposition from the women’s side and some teammates’ partners, who would feel uncomfortable as well as infuriated if Greenwood was to return to the first team.

A source told The Sun: “Mason believes he’s finished at United.

“He’s sat at home kicking his heels and very frustrated.

“He wants to get back playing football but realises his situation is very complicated and it’s his own doing.

“He is determined to play football again but doesn’t think he’ll ever pull on a United shirt ever again.”

This will also likely mean an end to Greenwood’s short England career.

United have spent 12 weeks investigating the 21-year-old but a decision was never expected to be made before the end of the season.

This report, however, gives us the impression that Greenwood now believes his time at United is coming to an end one way or other.

Greenwood has not played for United in the past 15 months and may need to move his career abroad if he wants to remain a professional footballer.

A lot of decisions to be made.

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  1. In all fairness the young man deserves a second chance.We all do don’t we??As stated in the article he is by no means innocent as the case never went for trial.But neither is he guilty because it’s the courts that also have to prove that.Gender based violence can never be condoned that is true but there are other means through which this matter can be handled.Others have made mistakes but were rehabilitated & the club stood by them.Maguire is one example after that incident in Greece.Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon & a clear position taken so that the parties concerned can move on.

      1. But if reports purporting that he has reconciled & made peace with the complainant are true then a hardline stance may not be the best way forward.If the alleged victim on whom the alleged GBV was perpetrated against has apparently made peace with the alleged offender & has offered to give the boy a second chance then why shut him out as seems to be case here?There are better & more constructive ways of handling this matter. hopefully sanity will prevail.

  2. This guy should be giving a second time, his a good player he doesn’t deserve to be punish out, this is injustice, his better than any of those current squared,

  3. I hope common sence prevail, and give him a second chance, he is a young lad and made a mistake, ask all those who are against giving him a second chance, if they were not given a second or more in there life time? Manu has some players in the past, who done some terrible things, and other club salso

  4. Exactly Richa.Maguire, a much mature guy & captain of the team for that matter made a huge embarrassment of himself in Greece but was never reprimanded in any way.Cantona’s kungfu-style kick is another example.The club stood by these guyz.This is a young lad with a very promising future ahead of him.Whilst not condoning the offense he allegedly committed, the club can handle this matter differently.its unfortunate when one takes this position a barrage of insults will come from every direction as happened to me above there.& someone says the lad wasn’t good!!!really??


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