Manchester United fans sing about signing Harry Kane to wind up Tottenham supporters

Manchester United fans are rubbing the salt into the wounds of Tottenham Hotspur fans in London tonight.

As well as winning 2-0 at half-time, which Tottenham fans responded to by booing at the whistle, United fans have been singing about signing their captain and star player Harry Kane.

The away support were loudly chanting: “Harry Kane, we’ll see you in June” around the 35th minute of the match, as shown live on BT Sport.

Footage courtesy of the away end at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

If they think tonight is bad, can you imagine how worse it will get without Kane next season?

Like most football chants, this one is has a tongue-in-cheek tone to it because there are no guarantees that Kane will sign for United.

Surely he would rather be with us than Tottenham though? It can’t be that hard of a decision to make.

With the forward’s contract expiring in June 2014, many believe he could leave in the upcoming transfer window, in search of trophies.

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