‘Full sale only’ – Manchester United fans infuriated by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s latest takeover plans

It is clear from the latest update surrounding Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s quest to buy Manchester United that he doesn’t understand the fans.

I’m also questioning how the Daily Mail keeps getting all of these scoops when all bidders have agreed to sign NDAs, however, Mike Keegan shouldn’t be questioned as a journalist. He has been on the money will this story since the Glazers announced their intentions to welcome investment or a potential complete sale of the club.

The latest update suggests Sir Jim Ratcliffe is offering a way for the Glazer family to remain involved with the club.

A similar report appeared on The Times website, so there was clearly a briefing of some sort — just days before the Friday deadline for final offers.

These reports both state that Ratcliffe is offering a deal that would see Joel and Avram Glazer retain 20 per cent stake in the club, therefore, it wouldn’t be an outright sale by any means. In turn, Ratcliffe is requesting a 50 per cent stake in the club.

United fans are eager to see an end to the Glazer era — which is approaching on 18 years, hence why The 1958 have organised another big protest prior to Aston Villa’s visit on Sunday.

Take a look at some of the reactions to Ratcliffe’s latest offer below:

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  1. Ratcliffe is obviously not a Utd fan. Should be embarrassed to say he ever supported the club if this is what he is proposing.
    Glazers 0% shares. Get them out and gone for good.

  2. It’s obvious’ sir Jim was quite a serpent,he should be ashamed of his,I am even getting to complicate his promise would also be a fake, with all due respect he should steer clear off man united cause he has already lost the trust of man united fan’s

  3. Sir Jim Ratcliffe what a joke first you tried to buy Chelsea because you said you are a season ticket holder for years but failed now you want to buy Manchester United because you lived down the road had most United fans fooled now you want the club so bad you want only 50% and the glaziers to stay very dangerous game not for us fans hope the Qatari offer the 6 billion and get rid of this mess

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