Louis Saha has high hopes for Antony

Antony seems to have drawn lots of harsh criticism this season.

As fans, some of us have higher expectations than others when it comes to certain signings. I try to keep a level head with all of my opinions and think a young player coming to a different league needs time to adapt.

What I have noticed is other new signings — at rival clubs — don’t face the spotlight. Look at Chelsea’s €100 million winger Mykhalio Mudryk or Liverpool’s £50 million man Cody Gakpo.

Knee-jerk supporters play their part, the hungry media and growing contingent of ex-player turned master too.

After Antony’s brilliant performance against Nottingham Forest, more pundits are coming out of the dark, starting to see that Antony is actually a decent player.

Yeah, believe it or not.

Louis Saha is the latest and from experience he explains how difficult it can be to adapt to the Premier League.

Speaking to DAZN Bet (via Manchester Evening News), Saha said: “Antony is already a very good player, people forget the Premier League is the toughest to adapt to. People think physically, technically and because of the price tag, he could do better.

“But technically and physically he’s very strong. He defends when we need it, he goes both ways. This is normal progress. You’re going to get more confidence, he will understand opposition defences better. You connect all those things and I think he’ll have a great season next campaign. People are demanding more because it’s Man Utd and the price tag.

“I don’t totally agree with this, I think he’s showed he’s capable of playing a lot of games. He’s a strong runner, even if he’s not the biggest. I think he’s done well but he can show more, he can improve his diversity in the game. He can improve the way he surprises people, and work on his finishes in game. I think he’s a great player.”

Antony is raw but you can see that there is a proper player in him. You never see him shy away from the ball, he’s works hard and he’s a threat.

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