Qatari consortium given clear instruction ahead of Manchester United bid

Strict instructions to get a deal done with the Glazer family.

A report by Matt Dickinson of The Times says that the Qatari bid, led by Sheikh Jassim, has been instructed to not come back without a deal for Manchester United.

A source told the media outlet: “They are working on instruction not to come back without a deal.” 

Sheikh Jassim is the son of former Qatar Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. Resources, and cash flow might, is not a problem which makes them the favourites to buy Manchester United.

It is notable that their first bid for the club has already been rejected. Boyhood United fan, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has publicly gone toe-to-toe with the Qatari bid as the second round of bids has gone in for the club.

However, the report states that the Qatari bid believes they should not be beaten to the club if it comes down to the issue of money.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s reported net worth is £12 billion. INEOS, the company through which he intends to make the investment, reported revenue of £61 billion last year. These figures, however, are dwarfed by the financial might of Qatar. The exact net worth of Sheikh Jassim is unclear but the collective net worth of the Qatari’s ruling royal family, of which he’s part, is thought to be nearly £275 billion.

Looking at these figures, it is clear why the Qatari bid feels confident about their prospects of buying Manchester United.

Despite recent obstacles, like the extension of deadline, or Glazers sticking to their £6 billion valuation, it is clear that the Qataris remain confident about getting a deal over the line.

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  1. I really hope qatari’s win bidding war for Manchester United….They will make the fans very happy…

      1. Thank you. I can’t believe a lot of Manchester United fans have turned a blind eye to the fact that more than 6500 migrant workers died whilst building the incredible stadiums we all saw at the 2022 world cup. Apart from the labor exploitation, Qatar has a known history of violating basic human rights including freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Yes, they will greatly invest in the stadium, training grounds and the teams but that would make Manchester United another sports washing project.

        1. Which sports-washing?
          Dont bring politics into sports.
          Which political system is perfect, and who and who adhere to observance of human rights?
          Are you a Man Utd fan?
          Don’t you want United to be free of debts and exploitation from the Glazers and their likes with bank loans?
          If you haven’t got money to buy, do not discourage other fans like Jassim from buying please!

        2. Exploitation don’t make me laugh our country massacred thousands or have we forgot that oh that’s a 150 years ago it doesn’t matter now and what’s that got to do about buying Manchester United was it his fault they where exploited bad working conditions not how much they where paid was the problem no safety

        3. Is that the same as the English fans and England players that that turned a blind eye to support and play in the World Cup in that country bunch of hypocrites

        4. Just yesterday Sir Jim’s company had a big explosion thus polluting the air. Stop acting like sir Jim is a saint

        5. How many workers are exploited by INEOS???
          1s it was one can’t own two clubs. The Brits conveniently forgetting sir Jim owns Nice
          Then it was human rights abuse.

          Propafucking ganda

        6. Like how pls clarifying bro this is England you can’t go contrary to the law in England so owning an investment does not allowing you to do anyhow

        7. Some times you the west talks as if you are angels human rights you always say okay let me brief you breach of human rights record:
          When you people invaded Iraq and starved 25 million children and almost 5 million people what’s the Meaning of that
          When you people bombed Panama and roasted Innocent people like chickens what is that called
          When you almost invaded India for trying to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistani Intimdation is it breach of Human rights law see if we go deep in politics you see that you the west are worst than the devil but let’s not add politics to football because it brings us together

        8. The UK has even more a sinister history that run into hundreds of years, than the Qataris who are just infants. So sit down.

        9. How about the slavery and colonial legacy of the British? What exactly are you saying? The west continues to exploit the global south, let’s hear your views about it too!

  2. Viva Qatar. Don’t listen to these hypocrites. They want to portray this Jim guy as a Saint. How can u want q guy that wanted to buy chelsea to own utd. Q guy that attends chelsea matches. A guy that has no plan on renovations

  3. If the Glaziers don’t sell to the Qatari then they need to stop business with them as the Glaziers need Qataris don’t forget they went to the sheik to make a bid not the other way around doing business with them is very dangerous for them in the Middle East as that’s where all the money is

  4. I don’t want them to buy us. Migrant workers dead and ‘no compensation from one of the richest countries in the world.
    Rights for gays non existent.
    Women second class citizens.
    And we moan about the Glazers, who have authorised spending hundreds of millions on players.
    And I am a United fan, and have been for decades

  5. Why are political views and human rights being talked about the sale of Manchester United FOOTBALL CLUB
    The people who have the club now have RUINED our great club and completely pissed on ALL Utd fans
    Qatar investment would bring the club out of 17 years of bad management……….other club’s around the world do not get moaned at WHY should Utd be the moral compass. Get the Glazers out Now

  6. Does who’s kicking against the Qatari bid should watch the the glazer’s suck the hell out of man united, don’t be a f***ING idiot

  7. Am with Qatari over this and trust me Sir Jim can’t pay all that money the Glazer’ s want . So l believe if sheikh Jessim doesnt buy Man United in these remaining month then Glazer’s will not sale it . And Rushford will find another team if Glazer’ s remain as the United owners ..

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