Report confirms who has tabled highest bid for Manchester United amid takeover speculation

Manchester United’s bidding process will enter the next stage over the next two weeks.

According to The Athletic, those parties who have reached the next stage of the process will meet for face-to-face meetings with the United hierarchy in London and Manchester.

The two most notable bidders, Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, will have a deep look into the financial aspects of the club, including player contracts, transfers, bonuses, stadium costs, partnership deals etc.

Laurie Pinto provides insight into bidding process

Laurie Pinto, veteran football-business dealmaker of Pinto capital, has provided an insight into the situation.

He has reported that the Raine Group have asked both Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim to raise their bids, as well as seeking a third bidder to raise the stakes and create competition.

Pinto has also confirmed that neither bid has met the Glazers’ valuation of £6 billion. The Englishman’s offer is currently in the region of £4.3 billion, whilst Sheikh Jassim is leading the mix with his bid of £4.5 billion.

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  1. If Sheikh Jassim has offered £4.5 bn and want to clear the debt that actually means the Glazers will have got £5.2 bn because that debt is really theirs, how can a club buy itself. The sooner these greedy leeches are gone from our club the better and they and their like should never be allowed near a football club again.

  2. Yes true, Glaziers are greedy pigs. The sooner the fuck off the better. Hate to see their sly, greedy faces.

  3. The £6 million is a smoke screen, they are going to sell for as much as they can get, theydont care who to, they just want the money, and we just want to see them out. They are responsible for the sorry state United find themselves in. Goodbye to the poison that is the glazers.

  4. Greed is the evil of mankind who see themselves far more important than the consequences that MU has gone through for so many years of suffering and no with debt laying on MU and wanting more is a sin with no redemption. The Glaziers are no human but pigs that lives on borrowed money and making MU pay for their debts in lifetime. They should be kicked out by the British Government just like the previous Chelsea owner!

    1. I wonder why British Government have not kick them out soon, the Glazer are very wicked they don’t care about Manchester united all they care is money, evils Peoples especially Avarm and Joel!

  5. #Glazers out is the answer. We should continue before the Glazers put our club off the Market.

  6. The Glazers are Filthy Scum. These Parasites should never have been allowed to get the Club in the First Place. How the Premier League allowed this to happen in the first place is a sick joke. Putting the Club, Hundreds of Millions Pounds pf Debt, Taking there Dividends twice a Season, Interests Payments and a lot lot more that fans don’t know about. I would say in total it is well over 2 Billion Pounds. That money could have went into developing Old Trafford, Carrington Training Ground, Transfer Money for the Manager etc. But these Greedy Leeches just take money out for themselves and don’t care about the fans. Also employing Yes Men and their Mates in Woodward, Arnold and Murtough. The 3 Stooges who are licking the Glazers Arses at a Whim. The sooner we get this filth out of our club the better.

  7. What has been offered is a world record for a sports team. Surely the glazers must know if they don’t go the share price will plummet meaning the club is worth even less money. If they love the club like they make out you have been offered a good price. In other words FUCK OFF YOU GREEDY SCUMBAGS.

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