Sheikh Jassim in pole position for Manchester United takeover

Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani is preparing to submit another bid to buy Manchester United.

RMC Sport journalist Fabrice Hawkins claims Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani is in pole position for the takeover of Manchester United. An offer of €4.5 billion was offered previously, but Hawkins believes that slightly more than €5 billion will be offered next.

The report makes it very clear that RMC Sport, a publication based in France, believe that Qatar is funding Sheikh Jassim’s bid – meaning they could start to financially back United as well as Paris Saint-Germain. That alone raises questions about multi-club ownership.

However, Sheikh Jassim is placing his bid through the Nine Two Foundation. On paper, this makes the offer completely different legally from QSI, a major shareholder at PSG. It is also understood that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is in the race to buy his boyhood club, although he would not be able to wipe the debt immediately.

We are also cautious of United becoming another victim of sportswashing and the damaging effects that could have down the line.

Let us know in the comments section how you would feel about Qatari ownership at Manchester United, with clear links to the royal family and PSG.

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  1. The glazers need to go now sell up and leave the club ASAP they are just greedy they don’t think about the club ground needs a good rebuild the club will be debt free amd in better hands with the new owners.the glazers just think about how much money they can make out of the club left manunited in complete mess with all the loans they took out against the not the only supporter of the club think this
    You asked my comment its only what I think of the situation

  2. We support Sheikh Jassim full take over because he will wipe out all our debts.All those shouting of sportwashing are just racists and our opponents because this is not the first gulf entities takeovers to happen in Europe. Manchester City, Newcastle United ,PSG are doing very well with gulf owners.Tge owners don’t necessarily involve themselves in the running of thus clubs,only the financial needs if the teams.Let Sheikh Jassim take over for our bright future. We have suffered so much with the current greedy American owners.

  3. Glazers go ASAP theirs only qatar who can sort this money mess out what the Glazers leave behind

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