Three observations after shocking 7-0 defeat at Anfield

Manchester United have been beaten 7-0 by Liverpool. A horrendous result and performance for the Reds.

This cannot become a theme

Manchester United capitulating every couple of months cannot become a theme. We lost by seven goals but we’re seven points clear of Liverpool in the league table after 25 games. Erik ten Hag is still in his first season and we all need to let him build for the future. It’s worth remembering that we’re on course to have a very good season, but at the same time it is unacceptable to suffer such defeats against your rivals. Last season’s hammerings against Liverpool were expected.

This one came as a shock.

Not the time to single out any one player

I see Luke Shaw, David de Gea, Raphael Varane, Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes getting a lot of flak on social media at full-time. They all deserve criticism but we’re not going to sit here and single any one player out. Shaw played like he’d just got up out of bed, Varane was another who showed lapses in concentration, and Bruno Fernandes’ demeanour was appalling. I could go on but I also want these players to take this as a blip and move on.

United have played a game twice a week since the World Cup and the emotions of winning a trophy can drain players. I’m still happy we have a cup under our arm going into the race for a top four finish.

United will bounce back

This is nothing more than a scar. A deep one but I fully expect United to get back to winning ways immediately. The team should be going all out to prove a point by putting together another winning run.

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  1. They didn’t turn up at the races they all was sloppy to many lapse of concentrating lost the shape couldn’t defend lost the ball too much the was all lack lustered.they got what they deserved

  2. I think that the reaction and next game will speak volumes about the direction that the team are going in. If they can immediately wipe this horrendous loss away by winning their next game then the omens will be good but this will and should sting for a long time. Without doubt the most hurtful game that I have witnessed since the 2011 Champions League defeat. Paaaaants!

  3. If am being honest here we could have won that game easily but the way the players were playing it was like they didn’t care.The defence was shaking the midfield was not there and everyone didn’t turn up to the occassion but it’s all good we move on and hope we bounce back but the loss yesterday will stay with us forever

  4. I can only explain the performance of united on Sunday down to exhaustion of playing 2 games a week for past 3 months, more than any other team in premier league

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