(Video) Gary Neville questions Graeme Souness for poor take on Casemiro

Gary Neville asked Graeme Souness if he wanted to apologise for his terrible take on Casemiro at the start of the season.

Souness raised questions when Manchester United spent £60 million on Casemiro in the summer.

Little did he know that the Brazilian would have such a transformative effect on the Red Devils, and I personally think he’s in a league of his own when it comes to defensive midfielders in Europe.

An absolute phenomenon in the middle of the pitch and he has earned praise from Erik ten Hag for bringing his leadership qualities from Real Madrid to Manchester.

Casemiro played a key role in United’s League Cup final win over Newcastle last week when he scored the opener in the 2-0 victory. Today, at Anfield, he will be aiming to lead to the team to another three points.

Previously, Souness had been critical of United’s signing of Casemiro. He told TalkSPORT that the Brazil international, who won five Champions Leagues during his time at Real Madrid, “has never been a great player” and that he felt United overspent.

“He was playing with great players. He’s not a great player. He has never been a great player,” Souness said.

“I see him as a steady Eddie who will help United be more solid in midfield.

“I don’t think he has got a great range of passing. I don’t think he is going help other people play.

“I think he was lucky to be in that Real Madrid team. I never look forward to watching Casemiro. Benzema, definitely. The other midfield players, definitely.

“I never thought, ‘I’m really excited to watch Casemrio play today’.”

Neville took the opportunity to ask Souness about his terrible take before they started work for Sky Sports.

Souness was too stubborn to apologise for his ill-advised take on Casemiro. He even tried to change what he said at the beginning of the season!

In a live video streamed by Neville on Instagram, Souness muttered: “I said he’s a ‘steady Eddie’. In that position I’d be happy to described as a ‘steady Eddie’ in that position. I would describe him as a foundation piece – you can build your team on that.

“I like him. There’s nothing to dislike about him.”

Come on, Souness. It’s about time you eat your words.

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