Manchester United recieve loan offers for Mason Greenwood

Manchester United have received loan offers for Mason Greenwood.

The interest has reportedly come from clubs in Turkey, as per Mike McGrath from the Telegraph.

McGrath revealed on Twitter that United have received offers from Turkey in relating to signing Mason Greenwood on loan.

All criminal charges were dropped against Greenwood last month. They included attempted rape, assault and controlling and coercive behaviour.

While Greenwood is under contract at United until 2025, no decision has been made yet as the club carry out an internal investigation into the case — totally separate to the work done by the Crown Prospection Service and Greater Manchester Police.

A sizeable portion of United fans have aired their discomfort at the prospect of Greenwood returning. Some media outlets have suggested that there are players — in both the men’s and women’s team — that don’t think he deserves another chance given the nature of the audio clips that surfaced on social media ahead of his arrest last year.

Let us know in the comments section if you think United should accept a loan offer for Greenwood.

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  1. Greenwood is a good and skillful player for man u to compete in cpl next season we need him do let him stay

  2. I think loaning him out is the best to cool down the tension at this moment, I think what he has passed through is enough lesson to him and deterance to others.

  3. Things actually happens in life.. Good and bad.

    My opinion is, Greenwood should not be sent out on loan rather he should be incorporated in the team again. He is young and bound to make mistake. Let’s protect him and encourage him.

    1. Agree 100 percent. Guide him and protect him and encourage him when he needs it the most now. Give chance to young people.

  4. Do they intend crippling the young man’s career? He should be shipped on loan, some people did similar if not worse than Greenwood, today they are playing, as for the teammates who don’t want him back, they should remember that ”The black pot told the white pot, don’t laugh at me, for what happened to me may happen to you”. He should go on loan and return next season.

  5. He is a talent we can’t afford to
    lose he deserves a nother chance mistakes are done by people

  6. Greenwood deserves to be given another chance because he is young and talented although he made a mistake.

  7. Green wood is a very good player we need him next season, but still loaning him is another good option

  8. Greenwood is a fantastic young player. We don’t have to lose him. To error is human. loan him out to reduce tension and bring him back next season.

  9. All the charges were dropped so he’s innocent plain and simple, don’t let the mud stick and leave the boy alone I think he’s gone through enough without loosing his job

    1. He is not innocent, the video clips show that he is not innocent. The charges were dropped because the witness refused to testify, therefore the CPS hadn’t got a case.

      1. surely if the video clips were enough to prove his guilt – as you imply then the CPS doesn’t need a witness?

        maybe there is other information that they know that you don’t?

        I’m not condoning his behaviour – i think he would need counselling as he clearly lost control of his emotions which can happen but it isn’t defensible either.

        People make mistakes and we’re supposed to live in a society where people get second chances. In the current climate however united would be brave to take such a stance.

  10. If all charges are dropped surely he has no charge to answer that makes him not guilty
    He is too good a player to let go

  11. A lot of things in relationships can be mad …. It’s between him and her , she dropped charges because there was more to them than that audio file… Let’s him say his piece to his team mates and go from there… Openness will be good for him and the team on the matter , let the team decide

  12. The sad thing here is that there is insufficient evidence for the crown to pursue a case against him, yet the media and individual so called supporters have already determined that he is guilty. They all say I heard the tapes, but so do the crown prosecutors, I guess these individuals think they know better. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.
    get off the woke bandwagon

    1. As far as I’m concerned he’s a wonderful player who is not guilty of the accusations that’s been levelled at him .
      For practical purposes, a stint on loan would not be a bad idea. Gives him the time and space to improve his fitness before incorporating him back into the United fold.
      Life as a sportsman is limited. He’s lost years of his career which he will never be able to recover. Its time he is given a chance to resurrect his career.

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