Joel and Avram Glazer reluctant to sell Manchester United

The worst news that could come from the potential sale of Manchester United is that the Glazers could decide to remain at the club. They have destroyed our football club for the past 17-years but the fight is not over. 

The Glazers staying put would open the door for some hedge fund like Elliott Advisory to come in, buy a stake of the club, and put us in even more trouble down the line.

According to The Athletic, Joel and Avram Glazer are reluctant to sell Manchester United.

The line that baffles us in the report is one that claims Avram has recently given the impression that ‘he is, in his own way, still emotionally invested in the club’.

I think most of us will agree that Avram is only emotionally invested in the money he and his brother, Joel, can drain from the football club. This would also suggest what has been claimed by multiple outlets previously, that the other siblings want out.

It is suggested by The Athletic that Joel and Abram cannot afford to personally buy out their siblings, which means they have a decision to make in the coming weeks.

We need to get rid of the virus that exists at Manchester United. The fight is not over.

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  1. Fortunately no bidder would want to bid higher than £4 – 5 b, so Joel and Avram are just posturing to get the highest bid from the buyers.
    Sorry Glazers, that will be all you get !

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