Will new owners bring a bigger transfer budget to Manchester United?

With the Glazers open to selling Manchester United, could new owners mean a higher transfer budget? Find out here.

Over the past few years, Manchester United have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From a string of ill-fated managerial appointments, poor on-pitch results, and a drawn-out public spat with Cristiano Ronaldo, a team that was once the Premier League’s darling was rapidly becoming a laughing stock.

Nobody was spared from the fans’ ire. However, much of their anger was directed towards the Glazers, the often-criticized family that took over the Premier League side in 2005. In the face of fan protest and increasingly hostile atmospheres at Old Trafford, the Glazers confirmed late last year that they were open to selling the club. The news made headlines across the world. Who could take over this most famous of clubs? Will new owners come with a higher transfer budget? Find out here.

Why are the Glazers selling Manchester United?

Manchester United is perhaps the most famous football club in the world, it is certainly among the most valuable. The Glazers bought the club for £790 million in 2005. However, a perceived lack of investment in Manchester United has long drawn anger from the fans, ‘Glazer Out’ banners have been a common sight at Old Trafford for a number of years.

One major criticism that has long been levied at the Glazers is their desire for profit above all else. They have squeezed every commercial penny out of the club, often to the detriment of on-field results. This is a sharp contrast to newly bought-over clubs like Manchester City and Newcastle, which have seen enormous investment in their facilities to establish these clubs as footballing powerhouses.

It would seem that the Glazers are not prepared to invest in Manchester United to the same extent, and have decided to sell up and offer someone else the chance to take the club forward.

Who could buy Manchester United?

Whoever is going to step in and take over Manchester United will need to have enormous financial weight and will need to demonstrate the business acumen and shrewdness required to successfully run such a historic and storied football club.

Currently, there are two frontrunners in the race to acquire Manchester United. The first of these is the Chairman of Qatar Islamic Bank, Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani. He has confirmed his intention to acquire 100% of the club and has even been spotted at recent games at Old Trafford.

The second potential new owner is Sir James Ratcliffe, the British billionaire who is CEO of multinational chemicals firm Ineos. Ratcliffe submitted a bid to take over 69% of Manchester United last week.

Will new owners bring a bigger transfer budget?

The machinations of boardroom takeovers will do little to excite fans, what they care about is the results on the pitch. Manchester United are a wealthy club who are no stranger to paying high fees for players, recently forking out £86 million to sign Anthony from Ajax. However, football is becoming richer and richer, Manchester United may well need an owner with deeper pockets than the Glazers to compete with the sport’s new powers. Whoever takes over Manchester United, they’re going to need to be prepared to spend big if they want to restore the club to its former glory.

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