Opinion: The fight against the Glazers is not over

How split is the Manchester United fanbase…

I can’t help but feel that a lot fans on social media are getting a bit sidetracked, picking battles over sportswashing vs greenwashing, and ultimately forgetting that the Glazers remain and the fight against them is still very much on.

None of us know the full details behind the bids to buy Manchester United, so how could we possibly take sides or even have a preference, let alone tear strips out of one another for having a different opinion when it comes to what type of ownership suits the club best?

The two statements we’ve seen so far were courtesy of PR firms. This is normal practice but you can tell they’re going through every little detail to appeal to the masses.

Well, trying at least. Qatari and SJR statements both mentioned fans, but neither has opened dialogue with the fan groups despite invites to come forward.

All we have is words now. What we need is action.

The Glazers appointed The Raine Group as financial advisors at the end of last year with the aim to get the best bids on the table. Nobody knows why they went so public with that announcement, but they’re still here. Let’s not distract from the biggest fight we face at this stage.

Getting rid of the virus.

There has been a lot of talk about the Glazers staying, too. I just hope that’s just an attempt to increase the asking price by touting rumours. The American family have done more talking in the past 24 hours than they have in 17-years.

Social media turns nasty over potential takeover

I’ve already mentioned how the United fanbase is split. My question, however, is why are so many incapable of accepting a different opinion? United insider and friend of Stretty News, Phil Brown, was sent a flurry of abuse over the weekend for harmlessly retweeting the statement from Sir Jim Ratcliffe/INEOS.

You won’t be surprised to hear that those sending the abuse were only happy to do so on Twitter behind an anonymity. The world we live in, eh?

It shouldn’t be deemed controversial to say that Manchester United should never be owned by a state, especially those that fail to understand the sanctity of human life. Also, this opinion doesn’t make anyone racist, which a lot of the Twitter herd are trying to use as an excuse to defend their lack of care when it comes to what our football club should stand for.

A lot of them – it would be unfair to make a generalisation and say all – just like the idea of United sending excessive amounts of money in the transfer window. Manchester United fans should demand more than keeping than transfer weirdos happy. Most of them didn’t care about the prices of season tickets going up.

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  1. If investors take a stake in united and the Glazers remain , what will united fans do ?Screaming Glazers out would be as absurd as shouting for the rain to stop. In reality the only thing utd fans could do is stop going to Old Trafford .

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