Mason Greenwood secretly meets with Manchester United team-mates

Mason Greenwood is still unable to train with Manchester United while the club conduct an internal investigation.

There has been a lot written since the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all criminal charges against Mason Greenwood. Now, Manchester United fans must wait for the club to make a decision over his future.

A report from The Times suggests some of the men’s squad hold ‘stark concerns’, while the women’\s team are thought to be concerned about Greenwood coming back to Carrington.

According to The Sun, Greenwood has been able to meet some of his team-mates in secret away from the training ground, which in truth has nothing to do with the club.

It is stated that Greenwood reached out to several players, including some he has known since his time with the United academy, leaving those players with the decision to ‘hear him out’ and make their own minds up over the situation.

The report also claims he reached out to other players via social media but we hope they’re too busy with the heavy fixture congestion to arrange any pointless tea parties.

Greenwood has two-and-a-half years left on his contract.

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  1. Pointless tea parties? His career hinges on his teammates accepting him back into the team, so how is it pointless to reach out to them? The man is innocent until proven otherwise. 1. Social media tends to blow things out of proportion 2. There’s always two sides to a story. I find it criminal folks still think his guilty despite been cleared of all charges. What’s the point of the judicial system then?

    1. he wasnt cleared of the charges though, the only witness stopped cooperating with the investigating so it couldnt continue, big difference.

    2. The criminal bar is set very high and includes ‘ innocent until…’ However, his employers and frankly the rest of us, can use a balance of probability to reach a conclusion.

  2. Frankly, I’m more worried about the Qatar Consortium winning the bid for the ownership of the club despite their very well known record of human rights violation. I despise clubs like City, PSG, and recently, Newcastle for this. Mason is the least of our worries.

  3. Will want Mason Greenwood back because will need him back to action will need player like him please Man utd fans and coach and all other showed forgive him, he no that he have don wrong please fine a way to forgive 🙏 him

  4. idiot…what violations?????
    is standing for what ur society believes in violations of human rights!!!? bruh the western nonsense needs to stay in western

  5. Mason has to come back asap .Those Manchester United ladies who do not want him back should all be sold or given free to other clubs cuz Greenwood is ten times important than them,idiots! He’s a human being just like them and maybe they’ve done worse things than him ,so let them leave Greenwood alone .

  6. Greewood is innocent until proven guilty,the witness chose not to coperate so i think it was a scam,they tried to frame Greenood but hopefully he will be back,expect goals and man on form of his life.

  7. What has been cleared on earth has also been cleared in heaven. Who are you then to refuse it? Greenwood come back, you are badly needed for this current Man Utd squad.

  8. There is no perfection in humanity, there is solution for every problem. Greenwood problem has been solved. Let the team (MAN UTD) give greenwood the chance to play under one of the best coach in the world [ERIK TEN HAN].

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