Glazers expect to recieve formal bids for Manchester United this week

The Glazers are expecting bids for Manchester United this week.

According to the Metro, Ratcliffe is set to submit a formal bid to purchase Manchester United, along with other interested billionaires.

The Mancunian businessman has confirmed his interest in buying the club from the Glazer family and it is reported that they could start to recieve offers this week.

The Raine Group, who dealt with the sale of Chelsea last year, will be overseeing the bids on behalf of the Glazers.

Glazers to leave debt behind them

The Glazer family are planning to leave behind the £500m debts they have accrued at Old Trafford.

According to the Mirror, they will be leaving that for the next owner to deal with.

It doesn’t come as a surprise but it puts a bitter taste in my mouth. They will already profit from a potential sale as it is, and they’ve never fixed the debt issue that came with their takeover in 2005.

In recent years, the Glazers have taken out around £1.6 billion in dividends and management charges, debt payments and share scales.

It looks like the new owners will pick up the bill.

Let us know in the comments section what type of owner you want at Manchester United.

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  1. More neck than a giraffe 🦒
    They have put this club in debt of , £500,000,000 and yet they want to walk away Scot free and make the other potential owner pay there debt ,I’d say don’t think so ,I’d offer them 4.5 billion and say dropped price by half billion ,as I’m taking your debt on , unbelievable cheek glad when there gone ,be street parties everywhere amongst the United support.

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