Manchester United staff split over Mason Greenwood situation

Mason Greenwood’s future at Manchester United is up in the air.

Manchester United are weighing up Mason Greenwood’s future after prosecutors dropped an attempted rape case against the striker.

According to the Guardian, United staff are split over whether Greenwood should be allowed to resume his career at the club.

It is believed a substantial proportion of the workforce would be unhappy if Greenwood played for the club again, while others feel a duty of care towards a player who joined the club as a 7-year-old and has not been found guilty of any crime.

There is another side of this – for those that feel the latter are right to feel a duty of care towards Greenwood. Having charges dropped doesn’t make him innocent and that is why I think so many people feel uncomfortable or utterly appalled at the idea of him playing for United again.

United have launched an internal process, overseen by Richard Arnold, to determine what steps they should take next.

Greenwood’s current deal at United runs until 2025.

When asked about Greenwood on Friday, Erik ten Hag said: “I can’t give a comment about the process. I can’t say anything about it. I refer to the statement of the club and at this moment I can’t add anything.”

United have not set a deadline for their decision on Greenwood’s future.

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  1. Greenwood is one of the best talent. In the world we r talking about 100 + million pound player plus its Manunited Duty to help this kid to make him grow like a man
    Law make him free why all we blame him n try to destroy this kid life than make him learn from his past mistake n be a good person
    If united fired him i’ll leave to Support another team coz they’ll never been a good modeling club for the others

    1. Honestly truth be told, it was a mistake and everyone deserves a second chance to make up so it will remain a scar especially for a young bright lad such as Mason. I strongly kick again his contract been terminated cuz the law has dropped charges.

  2. kind of being a coward club…they continue to pay him the wages ….and yet turn their back on him .
    while pobga stole …thats correct he stole wages for 6 years and then jones still collecting while playing video games .
    mufc wants to appear all righteous ….but they are also the problem with not dealing with the kid before ….woodsy and the clueless one are all involved in this mess .

  3. I cannot possibly understand United. The boy has not been found guilty of any crime and the longer United delay his return the absurd it looks. I mean, United wasted no time suspending him when the allegations were made, why the foot drag now that charges were dropped?! It sparks of double standard, all in a bid to appeal to a section of self-righteous public out there. Cantona Kung Fu kick didn’t stop him from retuning, why should charges being dropped against one of the most exciting talent ever.

  4. Please consider Greenwood. Show mercy to him and pardon him. He erred and must have learnt from his mistake. Don’t allow him to go, he is a good player

  5. If all charges against Mason Greenwood were dropped then i think that means he’s not guilty. So the kid should be allowed back in training

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