Manchester United and Liverpool supporters put rivalries aside to issue joint statement on ownership

Manchester United and Liverpool’s supporter groups have come together to issue a joint statement regarding potential new owners at the clubs. 

Both United and Liverpool have been put up for sale for either minority investments or a full takeover and since the news broke, there has been ongoing speculation on who could end up in control of two of England’s biggest and most successful clubs.

The sides are represented by their two respective fan groups, Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) and the Spirit of Shankly (SoS). Both of them want to make their stance clear – that their beloved clubs must fall into the right hands of people that understand the history and cultural heritage behind them.

The statement, which is due to be officially released today, will read: “By common consent, our clubs are the biggest in English football and, with a combined worldwide fanbase of over 200m people, they are widely recognised global institutions – in fact perhaps two of the most well-known British institutions worldwide.

“That global profile will likely attract many potential bidders, including some whose primary motivations may not respect either the cultural heritage of our clubs or the values and interests of supporters. We think that should be a matter of importance to the government. Just as the government would not allow our most important cultural or heritage assets to fall into unfit or improper hands, it should not allow our football clubs to do so either.”

“Manchester United and Liverpool fans are the most fierce rivals. If we can come together with common cause then we believe the government can work out a way to ensure its intended Independent Regulator for English Football (IREF) and stronger ownership rules can be introduced quickly enough to safeguard the future of our two clubs.”

Qatar investment – is it worth it?

The clubs have been linked with investment from Qatar in recent weeks and I’ve seen a large portion of either fanbase hoping that the rumours are true. I on the other hand, sincerely hope they are not.

A lot of supporters feel as though Middle Eastern investment would solve all our problems, the same way it did for both Newcastle and Manchester City, but the ethical issues it will create go far beyond football and will taint United’s name for years to come.

United’s success is built off of years of history that sets us aside from any of our competitors. The Busby Babes and the Class of ‘92 – homegrown talent and hardworking players desperate to succeed because of the respect and love they have for each other, their manager and the badge.

Our silverware hasn’t been bought, it’s been earned, and when we win again, it shouldn’t be stained with blood or from drilling an oil rig.

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  1. I very much hope thay any human rights abusing, despotic states will not buy either club. I trust that the negtive response from supporters will be enough to put them off. Afterall their reason to buy the club would be to sportswash their image and reputation, so a hostile response might see them look elsewhwere. Having supported Liverpool since the 60s I would rather them be in the Championship than parading around with trophies won on the backs of oppressed people.

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