Glazers drop dividend payment at Manchester United for the first time since 2016

The Glazer family have decided to drop dividend payments coming out of the club.

According to The Athletic, the board of directors did not approve the payment of semi-annual dividend for 2023.

The reports states that the decision is described as an economic one, reflecting factors including the £200 million investment made in the team last summer, but we’re not buying that.

Perhaps some members of the Glazers family decided it was time to cash in, leaving one or possibly more siblings without their favoured dividend payment.

It didn’t go down well in 2016 when the Glazers started taking dividends out of the club, and they took the biscuit last year trying to get more club funds even when the team has its worst season since the Premier League was formed in 1992. The club also made a £115.5 million loss.

Dividends should never be paid out when a football club is not achieving success on the pitch, challenging for top honours, but the Glazers have abused their power for too long.

Since 2016, the Glazers have put more than £150 million worth in dividends into their pockets, which made their relationship with the fans even worse.

We know that the Glazers are seeking investment and there is a good chance that means the club is up for sale. That will grant them more money than a dividend payout – and we’ll be rid of them!

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  1. The Glazers should be forced to return all the dividends that they paid themselves as United achieved nothing under their rule.

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