Oscar winner Kate Winslet hails Marcus Rashford for free school meals campaign

Oscar winner Kate Winslet was full of praise for Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford for his campaigning for vulnerable families during lockdown. 

The 25-year-old shared an open letter to the British government requesting that the free school meal campaign, which runs in schools across the country, continued throughout the summer holidays to help support families that need it.

It involves providing children and their parents with meals or vouchers to obtain food throughout the school term, but Rashford believed it should be extended as, at the time, families were struggling significantly more with the added pressure of Covid and lockdowns.

The England international was vocal about his own struggles as a child from a working-class, single-parent family, in which his mum relied on the service to feed Rashford and his siblings.

Kate Winslet’s admiration for Rashford

The Titanic star hailed Rashford for his efforts to help his country, she told BBC: “I was a free school meals kid – myself and all my siblings, we were free school meals children.

“I think that Marcus Rashford, what he has done, I was watching the match the other night with my son and I turned to him and I said, ‘Do you have any idea how extraordinary that man is?’ and Joe said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, he’s just scored in this..’, I’m like, ‘I’m not talking about football, let me tell you exactly what that guy did during Covid.’

Hats off to someone like him and we do have to use our voices and try and at least raise awareness or ruffle feathers. We have to ruffle up the system, why should it be the way that it is? If it isn’t working, change it, fix it, do it better.”

Footage courtesy of BBC.

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