Jim O’Neill warns Glazers need to lower price for Manchester United to attract Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Sir Jim Ratcliffe could offer £3 billion to buy Manchester United, according to former UK boss of Goldman Sachs and member of the Red Knights group Lord Jim O’Neill.

After failing in his quest to save Manchester United from the Glazer family 12 years ago, O’Neill says Ratcliffe is unlikely to match the reported £6 billion price tag.

“The Glazers are going to have to lower their expectation to £3bn or £4bn if they want to find a proper interested partly like Jim Ratcliffe,” O’Neill told The Telegraph.

I think it is obvious that the Glazers will sell to the highest bidder and ultimately continue to ignore fans throughout the process.

The American family inflicted a debt-ridden takeover on Manchester United in 2005 and they’ve only ever used the club for financial gain, while putting football matters on the long finger and letting the stadium as well as training facilities fall behind in comparison to other Premier League clubs. Nobody expects that to change before they leave for good.

O’Neill also thinks the spectre of a change in Government in two years’ time could put off suitors from America and the Middle East.

“The small, albeit growing prospect with the risk of a Labour government, of a tougher regulator – does not bode well for any future owner unless they have a proper purpose,” he added.

Who has £6 billion to spend on a football club? Answer: Not many people that I would want running my football club…

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