Dubai investors on red alert to table $10.6bn bid for Manchester United

Manchester United could receive investment from Dubai for a whopping fee of $10.6 billion. 

Speculation has circulated media today regarding who will end up in charge of the Red Devils after the Glazer family officially announced their intentions to sell the club after a 17-year reign.

Their reputation amongst the Old Trafford faithful soon deteriorated following the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, when supporters noted the lack of investment from the Americans compared to that of other clubs.

The ‘anti-Glazer’ movement quickly grew across social media and at matches; scarves and chants were always visible and heard during every United game, and one protest was so popular it had one of the biggest games in England called off; United vs Liverpool.

What next?

According to Arabian Business, investors from Dubai are likely to add their names to the list of interested buyers.

If a deal was to be agreed, the Reds would join both Manchester City and Newcastle United in being the Premier League sides with owners from the Middle East.

StrettyNews’ verdict

Whilst this option is expected to give the club significant financial backing, sportswashing is already far too prevalent in football today and even more so with the current World Cup happening in Qatar, where players and fans are not allowed to wear anything even remotely rainbow-coloured in order to “respect” the country’s strict LGBT laws.

This season, Newcastle have a kit in the colours of Saudi Arabia. This strips all elements of authenticity from a team and is something that absolutely cannot happen at United.

There are ways for Erik ten Hag to be financially backed and supported by new owners that don’t include oil money.

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    1. Can we stop blaming everything bad in the world on Trump! For fucks sake I guess he’s the reason we haven’t won a title in almost 10 years!

    2. What a dim assessment. The Glazers are guilty of so much worse. Trump achieved considerable foreign policy goals in the Middle East, ridding us of Isis, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, the Abraham Accords and stopping US charity to Iran. To excuse sports washing in this fashion because ‘Orange Man Bad’ betrays sheer ignorance…

  1. The lesser of two evils is still evil… I’d sooner not have the club owned by the middle east, for all the reasons mentioned above and more.

  2. Agree with Stuart above and not all investors from the Middle East are engaged in questionable practices. Sale needs to be regulated for sure though.

  3. Please Dubai sheikhs, complete a deal using this hiatus in football activity and restore the fans’ confidence and support for the club.
    Ridding the club off the Glazers will be a much needed exercise towards restoring the club’s glorious past.
    With new investments, the club can have a well-run club with football excellence the main criteria and not just money making.

  4. Until the middle east wakes up and realises that people have rights irrespective of there sexuality or gender, i for one dont want them anywhere near my club

  5. Unfortunately its just a reality that anyone with the means to shell out £5Bn+ and invest a further £1Bn in infrastructure and players for a football team, is going to have something in their background that many won’t like. Radcliffe would be a preferred option but I dont see him coming up to the price being touted around. Dubai would be the least worst option of the rest.

  6. It’s all well and good saying oil money is evil, but you need to come up with a viable alternative? The Glazers will not sell unless a substantial offer comes in and the only likely sources will therefore be the Arab states or USA? The latter, for me anyway, is not palatable!

  7. So long we have Invester to put money into team, stadium, training ground,
    And keeping name of old Trafford,
    I think all fans around the world who support man u would want and deserve this for the amount of money say to watch there beloved team

  8. I don`t have a problem with investors, it doesn`t have to be directly connected to the rulers. There are so many global companies in Dubai and Saudi Arabia not to mention our own government who sell arms. Qatar has invested heavily in the UK so we are all affected directly or indirectly with globalisation. These people like to buy institutions and iconic department stores, too late for sport washing as a reason to oppose a buyer. There is no one who has the money to buy us that wouldn`t want a return and the cost will not be a viable investment. I think we need to separate sports and politics and let the governments take more of the responsibility.

  9. So long who ever buy Manchester United
    Support the club to invest stadium, training complex, and football team for
    All love man u fans around the world.

  10. Its better the arabs rather than the glaziers. The glaziers is eating up all the dividends for themselves. Not for the club. The arabs dont need to do wat the stupid glaziers does cause they have tons of money.

  11. Middle East buy the club please im tired of American owners that don’t even like English Football

      1. Hardly thanks to Ronaldo? We’ve been writing about the Glazer being for sale for over four months and I think you will find that his ‘explosive’ interview with Piers Morgan came out a week ago.

  12. Stop with the hypocricy.

    No one was up in arms about raoes and mass killings in afghanistan and iraq and africa by the westerners?

    None of u white ppl had any decency to callout israeli terrorism against palestinians.

    Ur all hypocrites.

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