Cascarino claims Bruno Fernandes was right to call out Garnacho

Alejandro Garnacho is currently breaking into the first team but Bruno Fernandes recently made a point about how the youngster needed to make adjustments to his attitude before getting an opportunity.

Garnacho won the FA Youth Cup last season and it sounds like he expected to be given minutes at the start of the season, however, things didn’t quite work out for him on the pre-season tour.

These things happen with young players but I’m only ever interested in seeing how they respond and pick themselves back up. Garnacho has done that by changing his ways and there is nothing wrong with Fernandes giving him a slap on the wrist during an interview.

“He was good but he knows we expect a lot from him,” Fernandes said post-match on Thursday night.

“Obviously he’s still really young, he’s doing really well.

“At the beginning of the season he was not at his best. In the [pre-season] tour he didn’t have the best attitude that he should have, and that’s why he didn’t get his chances until now.

“He’s getting his chances because he’s training better, he’s got a different attitude and he’s deserving his chances.”

Speaking on talkSPORT, Tony Cascarino argued that young players need to learn from their mistakes. He refers to Ravel Morrison as a talented player who ignored the advice he received as a youngster: “If you’re a bit wild and you think you’re entitled to a place in the team, you might be good enough, but you have to be told.

“Ravel Morrison was one of the best youngsters I’ve ever seen, but he didn’t listen enough. He didn’t take things on board. You can easily do that if you don’t listen… so was Bruno Fernandes right to call him out?

“Yeah! At that age you can’t get ahead of yourself. Kids need to learn. I think there’s no problem calling Alejandro Garnacho out. If he listens, matures and keeps doing what he can do, he’s going to be one hell of a player.”

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