Arsenal legend Petit accuses Ronaldo of polluting the Manchester United dressing room

Emmanuel Petit has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of “polluting” the Manchester United dressing room with his enormous ego.

While I think he risked polluting the dressing room, I don’t think he succeeded because the players appear to be harmony. They are doing what they need to do – get better results this season – and Ronaldo is very much out of the picture.

Arsenal legend Petit has come out in support of Erik ten Hag after he banished Ronaldo from the senior squad to face Chelsea. The Red Devils could have done with Ronaldo at Stamford Bridge, however, those are the consequences you must pay when punishing star players for poor behaviour.

Speaking on the Rothen S’enflamme show in France, Petit slammed Ronaldo for his recent behaviour as he stormed off the pitch as a substitute in Wednesday’s 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. He adds that he doesn’t think Ronaldo is the same player he once was.

Petit said: “He tires everyone: the supporters, his teammates… They don’t want him any more in the locker room, he pollutes everyone so much.

“He has an exceptional career, when he stops we will all be unanimous in saying it, but his behaviour is so individualistic. His message yesterday on social media.

“You know you don’t like what’s going on with your club, you can’t stand your coach Ten Hag any more, you feel like you are disrespected for what you have done, but your status no longer exists!

“You are no longer the same player, you have been demoted, you have suffered a downgrade, but you do not accept it because your ego is so oversized. Say it real! It can’t be defensible.”

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