Paul Merson called Harry Maguire to apologise for transfer fee criticism

Footballer turned pundit Paul Merson is feeling guilty for criticising Harry Maguire’s transfer fee back in 2019.

In a new interview, the former Arsenal star apologised publicly for his fiery rant about the Manchester United skipper.

Three years on from when Merson slammed Maguire’s £80m transfer to Manchester United on Sky Sports, the pundit has revealed he went over the line and took it upon himself to contact the England international to apologise.

“It was just my opinion,” Merson told The Telegraph. “I rang up Brendan Rodgers and said, ‘Can you get me Harry Maguire’s number?’ I didn’t feel comfortable with myself.

“I needed to ring him and say, ‘I don’t agree with the £80m but I shouldn’t have said that and I’m sorry.’ I went a little bit too far.”

Since Maguire joined United from Leicester City, I have read and heard a lot worse than what Merson is apologising because the United captain has got tons of savage criticism.

I honestly don’t think he needs to apologise either because even Maguire should be able to owe up to not being worth such an excessive transfer fee.

It’s not his fault either. Blame Leicester City or Manchester United, but not Maguire.

Maybe Merson is apologising because Maguire is an England international? Otherwise, I highly doubt there would be as much guilt after criticising a United player.

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