(Video) David Beckham waits in queue for over 12 hours to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II

In London today, David Beckham said he waited for over 12 hours alongside fellow members of the public to pay his respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Beckham joined the line very early Friday morning and got caught up in the middle of a media rush.

“I grew up in a household of royalists, and I was brought up that way,” Beckham told ITV, as reporters took their opportunity to speak to the former Manchester United and England star.

He gave a brief interview as he kept moving forward as the line approached Westminster Hall.

“I get told off if I hold the line up,” Beckham later joked.

Beckham said he was there on behalf of his grandparents, who are obviously to credit for the traditions he has from his childhood.

He added: “This day was always going to be difficult, and it’s difficult for the nation, it’s difficult for everyone around the world, because I think everyone is feeling it. Our thoughts are with the family, and obviously with everybody here today, because it’s special to be here to celebrate and to hear the different stories.”

The late Queen’s funeral is scheduled for Monday – hence why United’s game against Leeds United his weekend had to be postponed (due to security and the vast number of police that will be needed in London).

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