The 1958 publish future plans for anti-Glazer movement after Leeds game gets postponed

The 1958 have published plans for future anti-Glazer protests.

Seventeen years on from their takeover, Manchester United supporters are still protesting against the Glazers.

As you would imagine, a protest was scheduled this weekend before Manchester United’s game against Leeds United, but that game has now been postponed.

The 1958 has sent a message to United fans stating that they want to hit the Glazers and their sponsors hard over the coming four weeks.

These plans include (via @The_1958):

  • Protest, flags, and banners for our next Premier League home game vs Newcastle
  • New and existing sponsor campaigns
  • Following up their email to Sky and their ‘abhorrent’ censorship.
  • Associated Glazer business interests will get the special treatment.

In my opinion, the key line states this will be a marathon, not a sprint. This persistent, consistent pressure from The 1958 has been fantastic and it sounds like they’re in it for however long it takes.

Like all United fans should be.

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