Semi-automated offsides coming to the Premier League

The Premier League are planning to introduce a major change to VAR which is bound to split opinions.

VAR was initially brought to football as a trial in attempt to eliminate any controversial decisions – but we still have fans disagreeing with calls made by officials on a weekly basis.

Not to mention how slow it takes VAR to conclude on pretty much every decision. It takes away from the atmosphere in a big way.

However, VAR is set to become more advanced if you believe what The Times has reported. The article claims the Premier League is set to introduce semi-automated offside decisions after a successful trial in the Champions League.

They are hoping that the new system will help eliminate any controversy surrounding offsides in the Premier League, which will be a huge task I don’t see them fulfilling anytime soon.

The report states that it will only take a few seconds for VAR to make an offside decision, but I will believe that when I see it.

Maybe it can work like the goal-line technology they already have in place?

Let us know in the comments section what you think about semi-automated offsides.

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