(Video) Tottenham Hotspur fan celebrates United goal against Arsenal

A Tottenham Hotspur fan was spotted celebrating amongst Manchester United fans during Sunday’s game against Arsenal.

Manchester United became the first team to take points from Arsenal this season as the Gunners went into the game with a 100 per cent record. Erik ten Hag’s side beat Arsenal 3-1 at Old Trafford and a Tottenham fan appeared to really enjoy it.

Goals from Antony and Marcus Rashford secured the win for the Red Devils.

The video is doing the rounds on social media, as seen below:

You wouldn’t find me celebrate a goal like this unless it was from my team – United – even if it was Tottenham putting a winner past Liverpool goalkeeper Allison.

I get their dislike for Arsenal – and share it – but it’s a bit small time if you ask me.

Let us know what you think about a Tottenham Hotspur fan celebrating a United goal below.

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  1. Small time ? Absolute nonsense. You clearly don’t understand what the word rivalry means. You boys got lucky today. The goons played you off the park. God knows what Spurs and City will do to you.

  2. After playing United off the park and fearing that our biggest rivals would get a big result, I also celebrated the goals. Small time? He’s not doing anything your fans wouldn’t if It were City going behind.

  3. Well, I am a diehard Spurs fan and I celebrated United’s goals … loudly! If we (Spurs) had beaten Liverpool in the Champion’s League final, hardcore United fans would have celebrated the goals as if United had scored them, trust me!

  4. Don’t tar all us Spurs fans with this. I find it embarrassing as well. There is rivalry, and there is the mentality of a 2-year-old. There really are Spurs fans whose only ambition is that they will be happy to be 17th in the league if it meant Arsenal were 18th. And fans like me get maligned by other Spurs for looking up at the table and plotting how we will win the title.

    Mark my words, if we ever do win the league, no Spurs fan will be on the High Road watching the open-top parade, they would all head down to the Emirates Stadium holding up flipping “Mind The Gap” signs. Those fans really are embarrassing.

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