Mason Greenwood update: Twitter remove verification for Man Utd footballer

Mason Greenwood has not featured for Manchester United since January this year after the footballer was suspended by the club for allegations made against him.

The 20-year-old was accused of rape and making threats to kill by his ex-girlfriend at the start of this year and although he has not been charged with any crime, an investigation is ongoing and Greenwood is currently released on bail.

Twitter remove Greenwood verification

In the latest update, it has emerged that Twitter have now removed Greenwood’s verification on Twitter – a blue tick next to a profile’s username to prove authenticity.

Greenwood had been verified on Twitter since 2019 and the social media app has not revealed why his tick has been removed amid ongoing investigations.

Interestingly, Greenwood is still listed as a first-team player on the official Manchester United website, with his squad number also on display next to stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.

“An exciting striker who has been well ahead of schedule in terms of his progress through the ranks at United and has made a huge impact in 2019/20,” is how Greenwood is described on his profile.

There is little clarity on Greenwood’s situation as things stand.

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  1. If he is guilty, why haven’t they charged him yet? This is taking way too long, if he’s innocent its gonna put him right back to square one as far as football goes. Get on with it!!!

  2. Pls why are they delaying this boy called greenwood…if to say he is innocent you people should put him right back to square one…and stop delaying him…we need him back in United…pls…

    1. I wonder why they still keep this boy. If not they want terminate his career which is not proper

      1. Because these type of investigations take years to gather all the evidence needed to convict him. They have to get all the facts first before they reach a verdict personally I don’t believe he has but you can never know nowadays

        1. it doesn’t take “years” in cases where the accused is identified so readily. if photographic, videographic or other evidence by means of text messages etc, were available, they’d have been procured and analysed by now.

  3. Yes we really need him in the team I can’t wait to see him play alongside Antony and sancho pls board should stand up for him and let’s bring him back to the team thanks

  4. I wonder why they still keep this boy. If not they want terminate his career which is not proper

  5. Where I come from we believe justice delayed is justice denied 🥺🥺🥺 it’s clear that there’s nothing to jail the boy for release him this case is getting baseless now

  6. The fact this case has gone on for so long without any formal charges suggests any evidence against him is flimsy or circumstantial at best.

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