Assessing the chances of a Manchester United comeback

In 2021/2022, Manchester United finished sixth in the English Premier league with a record of 16-10-12. How can we expect them to perform this season?

Manchester United, arguably one of the finest football clubs of all time, has enjoyed its ups and downs. This glorious team has racked up an impressive 13 titles in the English Premier League since 1992. Thanks mainly to Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils won more titles than all the other clubs combined between 1994 and 2013. Manchester United has also won three Champions League titles in 1968, 1999, and 2008. Their pedigree is truly masterclass.

In the 2021/2022 English Premier League Season, Man United finished in sixth place with 16 wins, 10 draws, and 12 losses. Curiously, they scored and conceded 57 goals, ending on 58 points. The Gunners were 11 points clear of United in fifth place, and The Hammers finished in seventh place on 56 points. West Ham had a much better goal difference than United with +9 in their favour.

This begs the question: How will United perform in 2022/2023?

Football is a curious old sport. It’s virtually impossible to predict the outcome of the upcoming season. However, we can assess the team’s past performance and current form based on our knowledge. When quizzed about the reasons for Man United’s lacklustre performance in the English Premier League last season, fans cited the following complaints:

Alon Fine, a United supporter, said, ‘Manchester United didn’t move up the field together as a team. They didn’t close the cutting lines from the other players. It appeared as if nobody was driving the team at times.’

Roderigo chimed in with his thoughts, ‘With a superstar like Ronaldo on the team, we expected him to do more than show face. Sometimes it felt like a solo effort from him, without any team cohesion. Often, the ball would land fortuitously at Ronaldo’s feet, making goal scoring that much easier. All this talk about him wanting to be released from his contract doesn’t inspire confidence in the rest of the players. We need people who want to play with United players, for United fans, come rain or shine.’

For all the pitfalls of the past season, one cannot discount the exceptional performances that key players delivered. One of them is superstar David de Gea. The legendary Spaniard is a hard-working professional, and his performances have not gone unnoticed. As one of two beacons of hope for the team – the other being Cristiano Ronaldo – David de Gea was instrumental in preventing that goal difference from spiralling hopelessly out of control. As a result, he saved United from finishing in the bottom half of the English Premier league table.

Manchester United’s Friendlies

Manchester United pre-season fixtures for 2022/2023 have provided lots of hope for this team this season. Without exception, United has performed supremely well, delivering precisely the results that fans expect:

  • Manchester United versus Liverpool – July 12, 2022, in Bangkok – 4-0
  • Manchester United versus Melbourne Victory at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – 4-1
  • Manchester United versus Crystal Palace at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – 3-1
  • Manchester United versus Aston Villa at the Optus Stadium in Perth – 2-2

These results smack of inspired performances for the team and serve as a prelude of what we can expect when the English Premier League season kicks off in August. Lest we forget, they are friendly matches, and teams weren’t showcasing their top lineup of players. It’s a different ballgame when it counts. Provided Cristiano Ronaldo and other heavy hitters in the group can put aside vaulting ambition and personal dreams of European glory, we can expect big things to develop this season.

What do the odds say?

Looking back, it was a whipsaw performance by an otherwise great team. Glorious wins and atrocious losses seem to be the order of the day. Fans don’t want that in 2022/2023. They are looking for an optimised performance, consistency, and a united Manchester United. This team knows no bounds with drive, determination, talent, and leadership.

It’s all about building team morale, which starts with the best players in the team who must lead by example. It does no good for anyone when Ronaldo talks about being released early from his contract. Other players depend on him as a binding force who holds everyone together.

For sports betting fans and armchair referees, now is the time to make longshot bet selections for the end of the season. Back in the day, nobody thought that Leicester City could win the Premier League, but that happened, and the payouts were huge.

As a result, various sports betting platforms and online gaming sites are offering plenty of incentives to football enthusiasts ahead of the upcoming season. For example, according to, bonuses and promotional offers for betting related activity should be based on low wagering requirements to boost winning chances. Footy fans can use the bonuses on sports slots to get into the swing of things.

Betting odds vary by operator, but Manchester United is currently at around 19% odds for winning the 2022/23 season, with Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City topping the table. Manchester United has odds of 28/1, with Chelsea at 16/1, Tottenham at 14/1, and Liverpool at 9/4. Man City – the reigning champions stand at 4/7*

*Odds are fluid and can change at a moment’s notice. Pitch conditions, injuries, new signings, new management, addition or inclusion of players et cetera

Fernandes and Maguire this season

Bruno Fernandes has expressed optimism about the recent signing of Christian Eriksen following the expiration of his 6-month contract with Brentford FC. Indeed, the new team boss, Erik ten Hag, wants to inject greater creativity through Eriksen. A star midfielder with a history of health issues, Christian Eriksen, played 60 games for Inter-Milan, scoring eight goals with three assists to his credit.

The Danish player has a cardioverter-defibrillator, and because of that, the league terminated his contract with Inter-Milan. In 2021/2022, Bruno Fernandes had a lacklustre season, scoring 10 goals with 13 assists in 45 games. Another bugbear for United fans was not qualifying for the Champions League.

Harry Maguire, Captain of United, doesn’t mince his words when he reflects on last season. However, he hopes to bounce back under his new boss, Eric ten Hag. Admittedly, Maguire stated he lost his way last season, and rumors of a rift between him and star striker Cristiano Ronaldo were rife.

In his own words, ‘Last year was disappointing; as an individual, I didn’t play well, and as a team, we certainly didn’t play well.’

With the new season just days away, Manchester United fans and players are hoping for a fresh start when things kick off in August.

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