Wayne Rooney warns United ahead of Liverpool clash

Wayne Rooney gave a prediction for Manchester United vs Liverpool in his latest column and it comes as a warning to Erik ten Hag’s players.

Writing for The Times, Rooney stated a repeat of Manchester United’s performance against Brentford could see the Red Devils suffer another heavy home loss to their fiercest rivals, just like last season.

I stood in the Stretford End that day and it was painful to watch. It was definitely the worst I have witnessed, but TRA still got behind the team and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which thinking back, was genuinely one of my highlights as a fan last season.

We stood together when others left early.

But Rooney doesn’t think that will happen. He expects a reaction from the players as well as a respectable result – but still, he doesn’t expect United to claim three points.

Rooney said: “Play like they did against Brentford, and United will suffer an even worse result than their 5-0 defeat by Liverpool last season.

“I don’t expect that to happen, by the way — I can’t see United winning, but I believe there’ll be a reaction and they’ll lose by the odd goal, or even snatch a draw.”

In the same column, Rooney argued that Erik ten Hag should consider dropping Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford because he needs to fill the team with energy.

Let us know in the comments section if you think Ten Hag will make any dramatic changes to the team against Liverpool.

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  1. dale, its funny as i had a conversation with a friends mum recently (shes a season ticket holder) and she said the same thing about the 5-0 loss, the fans were still behind ole.

    i asked her if didnt she think it slightly hypocritical to accuse the glazers of incompetence when at the same time cheering on ole, a man who was only appointed to appease the fans and whose appointment as manager represents the nadir of the glazer ownership?

    whilst she didnt agree, she went silent and didnt comment further.

    the reality is that the glazers kept ole in that position because of the fans who were blinded by his legendary status. everyone who knows football (and wasnt blinkered) could see he was terrible, and they were proven correct ofc.

    actually strettynews had numerous gaslighting articles about anyone who dared to doubt ole but i say again who was correct?

    ole fans and the match going fans who were so supportive of ole, yet are so critical of the glazers, i think they should reflect on why ole was in the job. no other major club would do such a dumb thing, yet the glazers due to their incompetence appointed ole for 3 years and gave him hundreds of millions to waste. but they were pressured by the fanbase to keep him in the job and thats something i dont see any ole fans taking ownership .

    ironically if the glazers were competent and actually cared for the club then ole would never have even got near the dugout.

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