(Video) Gary Neville slams Glazers for bleeding Manchester United dry

Gary Neville demands the Glazer family ‘come to Manchester’ to explain what their plan is for Manchester United’s future because the days ahead look bleak for Erik ten Hag and the team.

The former United captain, speaking after the game, went on a rant about the club’s owners and said that they done serious damage over the past 17 years. We know they will continue to do that forever long they remain in charge.

United suffered successive defeats after an embarrassing 4-0 loss to Brentford on Saturday.

It has been clear to see that Ten Hag doesn’t have the players to compete with the likes of Liverpool and Man City and, over the course of the summer, we have not got any closer to those teams yet that is the standard we need to reach.

Neville said the following on Sky Sports: “There is a family in America that is letting its employees take the blame. They need to get on a plane to Manchester and explain what the plan is. We never will have the Glazers here. The only money that has been spent on players has been generated by the club.

“The Glazers have borrowed and used the revenue the club generates through its amazing fanbase. Us four could buy the club tomorrow and spend the same money. My point is there has been a toxic culture at this club for the last 10 years since Alex Ferguson and David Gill left. It’s a mess.

“And it cannot continue to go on. The embedded failure over a ten-year period has to come back to the owner. I blamed Woodward for a long time but the Glazers left him in situ. They haven’t dealt with the football ground which is rusting.

“They need a billion for the stadium and probably a few hundred million for the training facilities. They were cash rich a few years ago now they’re struggling. Something has to give.”

It’s time to get our club back!

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